Dell announces countdown to 2014 Thanksgiving sales

By Alan Ng - Nov 4, 2014

We have a quick heads-up to those that are looking forward to Dell’s upcoming Holiday sales. The computer maker is once again going to be offering products at a lower price than normal – now we can tell you that Dell has started a Thanksgiving and Black Friday sales countdown for 2014 on their website.

The end of November is obviously the perfect time to head down to your favorite retailer, in the hope of picking up a bargain and not having to deal with hordes of competition who are attempting to go for the same products that you are after.

While some consumers opt to stay home as a result, others are undeterred and Dell has now wasted no time in announcing official details for the Dell Black Friday 2014 start time.


Head to their website here and you’ll now see a countdown has begun for when the sales will begin. There are just 22 days remaining, with Dell stating that their deals will start on November 27.

More importantly, you also have the option of signing up to be a Dell Advantage member, as you’ll be able to preview Black Friday items before anyone else.

If you have been saving money towards a new laptop or tablet, you definitely want to bookmark Dell’s countdown above and get prepared in case you see the product that you are after.

Will you be taking advantage of Dell’s Black Friday sales that start on Thanksgiving in 2014?

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