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CoD: Advanced Warfare pre-load PS4 problems on PSN

The official PlayStation Network status page lists their service as online right now, but there is an alert in regard to Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare pre-load problems on PS4. You can see the red alert message across the PSN support website, and it directs gamers to further information.

You can see a screenshot offering up the finer details below, which will impact those that pre-ordered a digital version of CoD: Advanced Warfare. Those that went for the pre-load option might be experiencing issues with getting their download to work, or even with the game.


Latest pre-load update – the above information details an official fix to the CoD: Advanced Warfare pre-load problems on PS4, although it won’t be the fix some people wanted. In a nutshell, you will need to delete all files on your system that were already downloaded by the pre-load.

Then you can just download everything again and it should work fine. This issue follows an earlier report revealing PS3 and PS4 owners were hit with game freezes, or crashing of consoles that required a cold shutdown.

The steps to fixing your preload problems basically starts with deleting all game content from the Dynamic Menu, then you head to the Library and re-download the CoD: Advanced Warfare content. Let us know if this fixes your issues.



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