COD: Advanced Warfare 1.04 update live, notes MIA

By Daniel Chubb - Nov 3, 2014

When you install Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare today on PS4, you will notice update 1.04 is live for download and it doesn’t come with any patch notes. While it’s not clear what’s inside the COD Advanced Warfare 1.04 update, or why there’s been so many updates already, it’s no doubt related to minor bug fixes to keep everything running smoothly.

The COD Advanced Warfare 1.04 update file weighs in at 114MB and if you try to avoid installing it, then you will receive an error NP-31739-3 message. This problem is basically related to needing to download patches to use network features, and then you are directed to where you can check the download status of your update file.


You can see a screenshot of the 114MB 1.04 update above and the NP-31739-3 message when trying to quite the update below. In a nutshell, just install the download and benefit from game related fixes.


Did you manage to get a copy of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare early and if so, how many update files have you seen? Did you install 1.01, 1.02, and 1.03 before the 1.04 update today? If any of Product Reviews readers have seen patch notes with the previous updates, or the most recent install, then share details in the comments and if performance has improved since installing these.

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  • Pstan

    I have Not been able to play this game except for 3 levels. It took me 5 times just to do that and I had to re-install and start from scratch to do that. I do not have the Internet and am unable to upload any fixes that are supposed to be for this game. $300.00 for brand new PS3 & extra control $60.00 for the game. This is Not Cool at all. This game does the same in my son’s ps3 as well as the new one. Is there any way to get this fixed without having Internet? Please let me know.
    Thanks. Phil