Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare app not working unjust

By Peter Chubb - Nov 3, 2014

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare has finally been released today to most countries, with some gamers deciding to line-up at midnight in order to get hold of a copy. Once some of them went home they proceeded to install the game, as well as the COD: Advanced Warfare companion app, only to find it was not working.

COD: Advanced Warfare app not working – For those who have been saying the companion app is broken and people should not download it, you need to get your facts straight, as the app would not work until the game itself went live, which was 12:01 AM EST. If you tried to use the app before that, then it would not have worked.

Call of Duty- Advanced Warfare app

Seeing as though that time has now passed we ask that you go ahead and try the app once again, as it should now work, giving you access to the many wonderful features to help improve your experience of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

We can’t wait to see what the COD Advanced Warfare app reviews will be like once gamers start to make use of all the new features, although that will only apply if you have already got your copy of the game.

Some people would rather get the game on the day, just like many of you do in the UK, and you have a choice of many different retailers today. We looked at the prices that Tesco, Asda and GAME UK are charging, and it looks as though Tesco is the store to get your copy from, so what are you waiting for?

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  • Epicspammer

    I have bought the game as pre owned with the companion app scan code. But whenever I search for the app it says its not in the u.s Apple stores. help?

  • Rrampage

    It will not let me start clan raids on ps or Xbox

    • Rrampage

      Anyone else having this problem

  • LaKeith Yellaman Robinson

    I had the app and working just fine on my Nokia Lumia 1520 Windows Phone… I accidentally reset my phone… And now when I search for it… It doesn’t come up at all… When I check Google it says it doesn’t exists for my phone anymore! What’s going on!?!

  • Derek Turner

    It won’t install on my phone. Give a error code 505 everytime I try.

  • madgamer

    Kicked my clan out of clan wars mid game, now says I cannot play in wars due to my clan just being created, that was created 3 months ago!!!!!! Fix the problems!

  • yoUKay

    Perhaps Peter should review this again as it still doesn’t work!

  • Mad Gamer

    App is a piece of crap and the Activison Assist support is a joke. Look for an “Activision Assist is a Joke” page coming soon on Faceb**k and please feel free to post as much negative publicity you want there. Maybe if enough people support the page Activision will get of their butts and hire some decent programmers to fix the app.

  • vingolf3772

    Its a party occasion when it does work. Woke this morning to nothing and it saying I have no multiplayer to list and clan is no longer there…

  • Χρήστος

    not working at all, g2 mini kitkat

  • Wayne Ball Jr.

    Applications pending will not show

  • Steve Newhouse

    Not all the features are working, I can not see my clan. Just get a red error banner at the top.

  • michael campbell

    Still not working will not let me accept terms and conditions

    • slimzy


  • John Constanine

    Still can’t get it to work for me, won’t let me accept the terms and conditions.

    • michael campbell

      Same here