Bank of America login down across US

Bank of America is down today for many customers trying to access their online accounts, and it is not yet known just how long the service will be down for. With the Bank of America login down across the US we can fully understand why customers are upset, as they cannot gain access to their accounts, which could become a huge issue if bills need to be paid.

Online banking being down after the weekend is a huge issue, as many account holders like to login to see how much they spent over the weekend, and to see how much they have left in the account, especially following Halloween.

Bank of America login

We have already heard from many Bank of America customers who have vented their anger, saying things like, “I thought that is what they pay people a lot of money for, to make certain these services stay online.”

Another of our readers said, “I just hope my money has been paid into my account before bills start to come out.” Most of the people just feel generally upset they are unable to login, even if they do not have to pay any bills, they just like to know that have access to their Bank of America account just in case.

We have reached out to Bank of America for an update into the situation, but they have yet to give us an answer as to why the login access in down across US, and with no update as to how long it will be down for, we guess it is just a case of keep trying until you are able to gain access to your online account.

Update: We have a tweet from the Bank of America for you above in regard to the situation.

Have you been able to login to your Bank of America account?



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