Xbox One Slim to pressure Sony in 2015

By Alan Ng - Nov 2, 2014

We are again hearing more rumors that 2015 will be the year when slim consoles are introduced by Microsoft and Sony. Now, some additional details have turned up, suggesting that Microsoft has already finished production on a Xbox One Slim that will arrive next year and be cheaper than the current model.

Don’t forget that this is coming off the back of a recent announcement by Microsoft, which issued a Xbox One price cut to just $349.99 over the Holiday season – thus making it now cheaper than the Sony PS4 which remains on $399.

This week, the rumors have come from a very revealing LinkedIN account, in which a certain Daniel McConnell, employee of AMD has apparently slipped up on some juicy information.


They include listings for work completion on not one Xbox One model, but two which will feature smaller 20nm technology. Take a look at the listing below in full:

“Successfully planned and executed the first APU for Microsoft’s XBOX One Game Console in 28nm technology and a cost-reduced derivative in 20nm technology.”

There’s also more further down on his profile:

“Assembled and grew two cross-site execution teams for 2 successive XBOX APU revisions. This included developing key technical leads into senior positions allowing for successful execution and future team expansion to handle more SOCs.”

While Microsoft are obviously remaining silent with regards to this information, it should be noted that the profile in question has already disappeared from LinkedIN.

An Xbox One Slim console in 2015 with a 20nm processor, compared to 28mn on the current model is now looking like a safe prospect – surprising though that Microsoft has reportedly started work so early.

As a result, don’t be surprised if Sony are also working on a Slim PS4 model in 2015 too, as they wouldn’t want to be left behind during Holiday 2015, especially if Microsoft is planning another price cut.

Are you now ready to jump on board the Xbox One bandwagon and will pick up a slimmer model? Give us your reaction to this below.

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  • SuicideNinja

    they should have a model that ditches the bluray drive and makes the HDD user-replaceable. The cost savings would be pretty good.
    I haven’t used a disc since launch. They can have a model with a drive for those who want to pay for it.

    • Ebola Not Covered By Obamacare

      Heck they should ditch the blu-ray drive and pack the 128GB or 256GB SSD that they use in the Surface Pro and allow External Hard Drive and/or USB flash drive expansion. Not to mention once the Xbox One gets Windows 10 people can load Steam and possibly open the door for console game Mods. Sony is in trouble either way, we’re gonna see the PS4 change and adapt to be more like the Xbox One as time goes. Even though everyone said Sony got it right and MSFT “dropped the ball”.

  • larry

    I’m on the outside in this conversation although cheaper is good I like my big chunky xbone really ties the room together


    That’s what I’m been waiting for is a X1 slim because you never buy an console when it first launch. Good things comes to those who wait 😉

    • Ebola Not Covered By Obamacare

      Yup and Xbox One gets Windows 10 in 2015 so you’ll be able to play PC games as well as have hundreds of thousands of apps to choose from.

  • Admir Karalic

    How much smaller can the PS4 be, AND well while Microsoft are building currently a Slim version of their Console, why didn’t they build it Slimmer in the first place ? A Slim PS4 would only mean more money to cash out for Sony, and I personally don’t think this will happen anytime soon, all they might do is make the PS4 cheaper as they did with the last Sony PS3 SUPER SLIM model and put in a 12GB Flash Drive in… time will tell.

    • blzzy_gie

      They didn’t build the Xbox One slimmer because they didn’t want the horrible noise the PS4 makes under load and they were right to do so.

      As for a slimmer PS4, I wonder what how worse the ps4 will be as in the past with each revision, less USB ports, didn’t update their slow wireless to wireless N etc.

      • Admir Karalic

        If they do remove anything, I hope if won’t be the USB’s first, we already have only 2 of them. :S but they will maybe make it a Trap like Blueray player like they did with the PS3 SuperSlim, or even use cheaper plastic and make the console more Square-isshh… :S

    • Ebola Not Covered By Obamacare

      No it wouldn’t mean more money to Sony because their PS4 margins are already tiny. Sony doesn’t have the same production infrastructure as Microsoft so if Sony made slim PS4’s they either would eat losses. The PS4 is as slim it’s going to get. Way different margins than the PS2 & PS3 which had huge margins.