PayPal sign in outage with server error

By Daniel Chubb - Apr 23, 2015

There is PayPal sign in problems right now within the Android and iPhone apps, which we have personally confirmed the iOS PayPal service is down today. It’s unclear when things were first not working, although right now everything is down with an error message pointing to server issues.

The outage means that when you try to sign in to PayPal you get the error seen within the screenshot below. In a nutshell, it basically explains there’s trouble completing your request at the moment.

You are then told to try again shortly, and if the problems persist you should then let them know. The error is titled, “Were Sorry”, which is strange considering it should be “We’re Sorry”.


Is the PayPal sign-in not working for you right now and if so, when did you first notice PayPal was down? Leave a comment below with your location and nearest city, so we can see if there’s a patten. We’ve been informed about service problems in London, UK so far.

Update: We just tried to login on a desktop computer and everything worked fine, so it looks like these issues are just with the apps at this time. We’re also getting reports people cannot pay on eBay, which makes sense considering this is the main payment method for a lot of users.

PayPal spokesperson:We know that some of our customers may have had issues paying with PayPal for a short time today. We have resolved the problem and encourage anyone who was unable to make a payment to try again. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused“.

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  • Zisis Stylianos

    Encountered that error right now from desktop and android.

    • Karen Trepte

      Is your Paypal down too?

      • Preet

        PayPal seems to be down at the moment… I couldn’t login either…

        Edit: It works fine now… lol… Just tried now.. 🙂

  • Michael Schneider

    Now here’s the perfect ideal the shing example of the top shelf of arrogance and stupidity.
    We have a problem with sign ins,however to post a comment just take a guess at what you have to do????? SIGN IN

  • Michael Schneider

    Pay Pals problems stem from the fact the what they read in the manual to them is the word of gofd.This company and a loyt more of them,forgot how to handle a problem without the damn computer.So while they are going to waste our time with repeated attempts and more than likely loss of the possability of the purchase they PayPal keeps quiet about the problems.As far as I know ebay doesn’t know about it.
    Bottom line for sadly managed company is that they are simply to lazy to put humans in the customer service window.

  • Richard Dewison

    I’ve not been able to log into my PayPal app for over a week now :-/ my log in work fine on my pc.

  • Emzjef

    I’m trying to add a bank account to withdraw money and it keeps saying server error? Has been like that for about 3 weeks.

  • Sunitha Vegan

    I can’t even get on through the laptop. It says it doesn’t recognize my email address and yet they just sent an invoice to that very email.

    • pipa

      I have the same problem

  • bernie

    my paypal is down since yesterday and I cant buy what I would like to buy .Ireland

  • Alina

    Problems with checking out via PayPal also using a desktop computer (Latvia). Tried different PCs and networks nothing works.

  • neil

    Haven’t been able to use Paypal to check out/ complete my order on ebay for thirty minutes. P.C. user in Florida USA. Ebay is losing zillions of dollars this afternoon.

  • ryan

    I purchased an item on ebay mobile which I couldn’t pay for, now it won’t let me pay for it on my laptop either.

  • Kerry

    I cannot sign in to paypal on an iPhone 5 ruining iOS 8, there must be server issues.