Evolve Alpha PS4 login fixed

After the sudden postponement of the Evolve Alpha on PS4, we are pleased to hear that 2K and now developers Turtle Rock Studios have announced that the Evolve PS4 log in should now be working and should be available to play without problems.

You’ll know that the Alpha has due to arrive on Friday, one day after Xbox One owners received the beta. However, in a surprise turn of events, the developers said that they had experienced problems with the Alpha which were specifically connected to Sony’s recent PS4 2.0 update – hence the delay.

Now though, we can confirm that the PS4 version is once again live so you may want to try your luck. Others have still complained about Evolve PS4 login problems, but we tried and are not having any difficulties.

evolve-alpha-ps4November 4 at 12pm Pacific Time.

Hopefully you’ll be able to get in without any problems and play non-stop until Thursday. Remember that it’s still a test version though so your experience won’t be a 5-star one.

Can you get into the Evolve Alpha right now on PS4 in your area – did you manage to get a code?



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