Ebay users unable to checkout or pay with Paypal

- Nov 2, 2014

We have received reports from Product Reviews readers having problems with eBay, and users are unable to checkout or pay with PayPal. This looks like it’s related to the outage we saw with PayPal moments ago, which started within apps and has now impacted the auction website users.

PayPal confirmed they have technical problems on Twitter, but we haven’t seen any confirmation on the Ask eBay channel. One of our readers said, “Checkout is down on eBay and I have tried via app and website”, another added “It looks like a DOS attack, I can’t pay on eBay when at checkout”.

We have reached out to eBay for comment and have listed the tweet below made around one hour ago, although this is only confirmation of problems from PayPal and not eBay at this time. It looks like both services are down for mobile users today, but engineers are working on a fix, so it shouldn’t be a problem for too much longer.


Let us know if you have had issues with being unable to pay on eBay once you reach the checkout? Also, include the country you are in to see if this is a global problem or only for certain countries.

Update: PayPal just issued another statement that said, “We are aware that some users are experiencing issues viewing the PayPal website and are addressing the issue.”. We have seen many more reports from eBay and PayPal users explaining they “Can’t login to paypal on eBay, but can on ordinary paypal site”.

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  • Sayn

    Can’t purchase an item too both on app and computer because I can’t log into PayPal form eBay. An it’s from Nigeria

  • Michael

    Also unable to pay at eBay check out or get into my PayPal account and I live in Canada

  • Conrad

    QLD Australia here. Tried purchasing items last night on app and computer. Can’t seem to log into PayPal through the eBay app. Ssl error.

  • Tiana

    I’m in Sydney and haven’t been able to use the service for more than 2 months now. Frustrating having to log into a pc and pay for it

  • TucsonMTB

    8:00 PM Mountain Time in US. Still not working for any login, including the PayPal site directly. PayPal did not respond to my inquiry via their web form earlier today. I guess they are totally swamped and unable to cope at this time. Sad.

    For ebay, it I was able to login without using the VeriSign security card, that is entering only the base password, indicating that the card was not at hand, and answering the security questions set up on the account a long time ago.

    A bit of a PITA . . . No worries! I have several credit cards and I can live without ebay.

  • Alina

    Same here 🙁
    At checkout PayPal “says” that login or password is incorrect, though I can login from PayPal web site as usually, and still not working next day. The worst part is that I’m from Latvia and contacting eBay or PayPal by phone would cost a TON of money.
    November is the last month for holiday shopping, afterword post offices will be very busy 🙁

  • peter.t

    I had the same problem last night, i won an item and when i clicked on “pay now” it took ages for it to load, sometimes starting to transferr me to pay-pal then i got “server not responding” and “page not responding” and “critical error” messages etc (you have no idea if the fault is with your computer or not? and why were there no announcements from ebay/pay-pal to warn us of problems???) i tried about 12 times and eventually it did get me to pay-pal to complete the payment only to tell me “the transaction had not been completed” but after having signed in to pay-pal, (not through ebay) it had completed the payment and later i got a confirmation email,very odd and annoying! this does not give me any confidence in either ebay or pay-pal?????

  • JoeR_AUS

    Checkout stopping working last night, tried two different computers – same result. Same problem as I write this.

    Pretty embarshing as unless its pickup its no go!

    • Amir

      Same here I’m getting we’re sorry but we can’t send your payment right now for the past 4 month and paypal won’t do a damn thing to fix it they don’t even no anything and can’t explain. ALso been a member for years and have backup cards and linked banks no problem with my account.

  • ChasH

    Checkout is down for me as well. Have tried for the past hour with no luck.

  • Alicebw

    Glad I found this news, I have been trying for over an hour to try and pay for something and was really worried my paypal account had been hacked. Even trying to load checkout on ebay was taking a long time and now it won’t load at all, saying….
    The eBay page or feature you are attempting to access is not responding.
    Please try the options below:
    Try to access the feature directly from the eBay Home Page, instead of using a bookmark.
    Wait a few minutes and try to access the feature again. If what you are looking for is unavailable, you may still be able to access other parts of the site from the eBay Home page