Change in PS Plus November 2014 lineup?

By Daniel Chubb - Nov 2, 2014

There is a growing debate surrounding the possibility of a change to the PlayStation Plus November 2014 lineup, or even a delay to the expected update release date. Things get interesting when you consider no blog post exists on the official social channels or website for the PS Plus November 2014 lineup, or at the very least it has been removed.

We were one of the first websites to report Sony revealed the free PS Plus games for November 2014. Our article came right after a video appeared with the full PS4, PS3, and Vita lineup on PlayStation’s YouTube channel. This was later pulled along with a tweet that received a lot of dislikes.

The mystery deepens when you look at the screenshot below, which clearly features a post from the PS Blog homepage highlighting a Blogcast that’s meant to include news on the “November Plus lineup”. This is strange considering the free games aren’t included and it seems like something has changed.


You can see the change in text by looking at the screens above and below, or head to the official website to see for yourself. It’s there for everyone to see, and clearly reveals the PS Plus free games first revealed for November 2014 might change or something needs to be hidden. Why else would all traces be deleted from official social pages and Sony websites?


Delay versus change in PS Plus November 2014 lineup – the debate among gamers seems to focus on a possible delay to when we would expect the update to launch, or a last-minute change to the November lineup. Some people feel they might “quietly release the games”, although this isn’t how things are normally done and very unlikely to happen.

The bottom-line is most PS Plus subscribers find the whole situation “weird”, so anything could happen? Normally if a video gets pulled, it would only be for a few hours before it returns with a fix.

While a delay could be possible, or even a change in more extreme situations, most of Product Reviews readers think an announcement needs to be made with a simple tweet to explain what happened. As one commenter put, “I had to check what month we were in, as if it were April then I’d get the joke. Sony need to make an announcement this weekend”.

There’s always disappointment each month when the free games are revealed, but we did see a lot of positivity on Twitter with some gamers looking forward to Steamworld Dig.


You can see a screenshot from the official PS Plus November 2014 lineup video below, which details the titles revealed before the video got pulled from official channels.


How would you feel if the lineup for free PS Plus games in November 2014 got changed? There’s no official blog posts online thanks to the lineup being pulled quickly after it landed within a PlayStation video, so would you welcome a change to the pulled games list?

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  • Raizurhk

    The chances are is a developer decided to let them add their AAA game as a 1 year aniversary gift at the last minute. Maybe.

  • Captainahab_37

    “I WANT PS PLUS TO TAILOR TO MY NEEDS!” – everybody who’s going to comment on here it’s better if you pay $17.99 instead of $60 the free games are worth it then

  • dave

    I just thought that maybe they would be a AAA game released for the 1 year anniversary for the ps4 but the leak showed no AAA game felt a little disappointed especially with the problems with the new update too

    • I see two AAA games for the PS4 there?

      • AVJ

        Where will that be? Do yoy know what a AAA game is?

        • Yes, it’s a good game with high production values. Which both the PS4 games are. I presume you actually mean “a game which I could at one point buy in shops for more than £40”?

        • AVJ

          According to Wiki, an AAA is:
          In the video game industry, AAA (pronounced “triple A”) is a classification term used for games with the highest development budgets and levels of promotion. A title considered to be AAA is therefore expected to be a high quality game and to be among the year’s bestsellers.

          The same types of ‘year old’ PS3 titles PS Plus customers where use to in the past, before Sony for some reason decided we don’t deserve it anymore now that they are outselling MS and there’s no reason anymore to reward their loyal customers.

        • You’re taking your definition from Wikipedia? Why not focus on the last part there: a high quality game, among the year’s bestsellers. Of course, giving away bestselling games is a bit pointless as many more people already have them.

        • AVJ

          Well Tim,then you are on of the very few people who don’t have a problem with the recent PS Plus update. The fact that Sony added in their own words (Please read the UE Blog) the FIRST AAA title for PS4 from next month December, due to the overwhelming complaints from costumers.

  • Mike

    it is really strange, I wonder what Sony is playing at? The one thing I’m not happy with is a lack of confirmation, they know many of us have seen the lineup from the pulled video, but Sony still fail to address it with a comment.

    • Helldriver Phoenix

      “but Sony still fail to address it with a comment.”
      Same old, same old from Sony.
      But let’s be positive in this regard. I feel the gamers who chose the PS4 deserves better.