GTA V double RP now, 1.18 update still promised

By Daniel Chubb - Nov 1, 2014

You might be able to take advantage of double RP within Grand Theft Auto V all weekend, but this isn’t what some players wanted and they wonder where the GTA V 1.18 update is? What confused some is the fact we’ve seen Independence Day and Valentine’s Day DLC updates, but nothing for Halloween 2014.

It seemed like the perfect time to release new GTA V DLC with a Halloween event, although the reason this hasn’t happened seems to be a focus on new platforms. You can count on Rockstar working hard on content for PS4, PC, and Xbox One that’s obviously stopping the developers from offering the GTA V 1.18 update and online DLC this weekend.


You can see the GTA online double RP and money graphic above that’s being offered over Halloween. You will find many other treats all weekend like special crate drops with the Flash FM T-shirt, and also Firework Launchers along with masks.

Good news for those wanting new GTA V DLC and the 1.18 update – after Rockstar delivered the blog post confirming special create drops and double RP, we’ve seen a comment from Rockstar in regard to future content updates.

Rockstar said “not to worry”, if you desire “more content updates for GTA Online”. They then continued to confirm “exciting stuff in the works for all consoles”, as you can see within the capture of this official comment below.


What we find interesting is the choice of words. This Rockstar official said, “all consoles” and this directly hints at new DLC for current PS3 and Xbox 360, as well as the new platforms launching later this month. Personally, our bet is the GTA V 1.18 update and new content won’t release until the game launches on PS4/PC/Xbox One.

There wasn’t a better time than Halloween, so it’s clear when the new content will come now after the above comment and the fact DLC didn’t arrive with Halloween. Will you stay with GTA V on previous generation consoles, purchase it for new platforms, or leave the game completely?

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  • these nuts

    i would rather play with me nut sack than play this pile of crap

  • liam

    all of you moaning about your old consoles not recieving updates get with the times and buy a current gen console some of us are spending money monthly so of course current gen users are going to be given priority for new updates and content tbh im suprised youve recieved anything since the ps4 reveal LOL bums

    • Christian Simmons

      you spend so much of your life and money playing games for overgrown children and yet you call us bums. interesting.

  • Michael Göhlich

    This sux so bad -.- i leave the game completely! Rockstar screw you!

    • Jesus

      Yeah screw rockstar! Screw them and the FREE DLC they put out ~once a month! I’m just going to leave the game because of this BS!

      Yeah.. Rockstar is by far one of the best developers there is. The game is incredibly fun and any DLC we get is just a bonus. To actually complain that you are not getting enough *free* DLC is f***ing pathetic.

  • Adolphin Hitler

    November 18th is the scheduled PS4/Xbone release. The next update is 1.18. Half Life 3 confirmed.

  • walker

    Still, they could have put more work into single player…like continuous random assassination requests, More Street races, collect car lists like older GTA, vigilante &paramedics missions back, more places to enter/rob, burglary missions… Those were great times

    • Dusty Spears

      I was very dissapointed there were no vigilante missions. All the all the great police vehicles available in this game – like the Police Cruiser Buffalo. The ability to wear police uniforms once the game had been beaten? Vigilante missions shoulda’ been a no-brainer.

  • Why R*

    I have to quote will ferrel towards R* “ARE YOU HIGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”.

  • MPTheGreek

    I’m getting more and more dissatisfied with these guys. They’ve Falken far since San Andreas. I had more jewelry to choose from and more rp elements in a game they made over a decade ago. Remember you could even put hydraulics in your ride. Sell door out if an ice cream truck. It was a trip. The different cities gambling why can’t they give us vack v what they gave us. At this rate it maybe the next gta can be equal to San andreas. But I doubt it. Then they said there won’t be a next Gen version. Now you want full price no discount for upgrades or loyal fans I should say. Let’s remind ourself ubisoft let me get assassin s creed 4 for 9.99 on ps4. You just put the ps3 disc into the ps4 and it allows the digital version to run. Buying businesses getting gang members to ride and do drive boys or take territories with you. This game has a track but no gambling. No pool. No cards. It is like a skeleton of games past. Too worried about graphics. Content is king and this disgusts me. No money needed because there us nothing to buy. Why have airplanes with no other cities to fly to. Lame lame lame. I can’t go to the gym. But don’t worry you get a Halloween Mask or a shirt. The only reason anyone would ever care us because your Game has no real content. I’ll tell you why they wasted all this time and resources on online and they had none left for single player. Single player was probably added as an after thought anyway then online rare lyrics works well with it all p2p hosting. Lolol they are on a downward trajectory like apple. Ubisoft gives you so much content even when t

    • GetOverYourself

      You are so quick to judge, everyone is. Rockstar has been giving us lots of content and updates updates, and big deal, you didn’t get one for Halloween. Boo freaking hoo for you. Are you that much of a spoiled brat that you think the entire world should give you what you want, when you want it? Grow up. If you want a cheaper copy for your ps4 then wait until the price is lower, like you said. Nobody is going to miss you in that timeframe, trust me. And really? You were “promised” it wouldn’t be on ps4? Who promised you? Cause I don’t remember rockstar saying they promised not to release it on next gens. Quit snivelling and either enjoy the games content as it’s delivered, or stop playing it altogether until it’s able to live up to your unfair and unrealistic expectations and demands. Simple.

      • MPTheGreek

        I already said I wouldn’t purchase. I stated why. Therefore your comment telling me not to play is redundant and pointless. Therefore you are redundant and pointless. My so called unrealistic expectations are to match a game in content made a decade ago. I could care less about holloween updates. I’ll be be amused for 5 min. Maybe. Simpleton. Lol

        • GetOverYourself

          I’m not the one on message boards crying that my game isn’t good enough. You are disappointed cause you didn’t get as much content as you wanted. Yet they are continually adding content. And still, your complaining about the content. Why not, instead of whining about it, wait until more content is available? Why? Because people like you will NEVER get enough. It doesn’t matter how much content rockstar releases, you will continue to complain about what you DON’T have. It’s over entitled people like you who are always complaining about these things.

        • MPTheGreek

          Didn’t complain just said I wouldn’t buy. Isn’t that what comments are for? I backed up my decision with my reasons. That is all. Why are you so up set about my opinion? Enjoy your lackluster game. They are adding things like jewelry that should if come with the game or a shirt. You praise that as new content lolol. No heists still. I won’t buy twice when I was promised heists a year ago promised it wouldn’t be next Gen a year ago. I’m not buying it it’s a waste when assassin’s creed is out. I’ve already played gtav. Your a simpleton I post a comment t h at I’m not buying something and you comment so don’t buy it. That’s what I’m doing simpleton. I posted my opinion in the comment section simpleton. Get off your knees and wipe your face when your done pleasing rockstar.

        • GetOverYourself

          I’m only stating facts. You did in fact complain about it. And you keep saying they promised you… Did they tell you personally that they promise they wouldn’t release it for next gen? Or that you’d have heists by a certain date? You’re not the only one waiting, we all are. We just do it a little more patiently. Pop that over inflated sense of entitlement you have and wait patiently like everyone else or stop crying.

        • MPTheGreek

          I’m not entitled because I said I don’t want to buy something because it’s not as good as it used to be. Just stating my reasons for not buying. So quit crying about someone sharing an opinion in the comments section. Try to wrap your head around this. I’m not buying it and I stated why. I didn’t say I hope they change or they must change. Thats what entitled is so you know. Saying there are less features then their past games so I won’t buy is the opposite of entitlement. Entitlement is you when you demand that every commenter agree with you or you cry about people crying. Sorry your so sad that San andreas released with more content then they’ve added with all your precious dlc. It’s jut reality. Simple.

        • dogma

          im still hoping the wait will be worth it and i wont be let down..and if i somehow can afford a next gen ill buy for it too.. just try to enjoy what i got anything extra is a plus in my eyes

        • The Snitchfather

          Nobody gives a wanking toss about next gen, current gen is way more important. Rockstar should still release dlcs before next gen is being released

        • jesus

          “your comment telling me not to play is redundant and pointless. Therefore you are redundant and pointless.”

          That’s not how it works. At all.

      • peter finen

        well said man

      • Joseph Grushack

        Rockstar has given us lots of content? That’s the funniest line on this page.

    • just_me

      PS3 disc in PS4?wtf?

      • MPTheGreek

        Lol yep I guess it can read it enough to verify the disc. It doesn’t use for game play.

    • The Snitchfather

      Are you retatded, the selling dope out of an ice cream truck is from vice city not san andreas

      • Guest

        Good, that’s even older

  • Rob

    I agree, they skipped Halloween DLC in favor of releasing new content on “all consoles” later this month.

    • The Snitchfather

      Halloween dlcs was more important cause it was for current gen.

      • Weenykat

        Yeah what the hell were they thinking? Giving us some lame double points and nothing else as promised, I wanted to play the halloween updated gta5 game dam them! What it is was they took a large shat on us all and they expect us to take it?

        • liam

          then fork out for a current gen console and stop expecting your old 50£ machine to still be churning out new content when some of us are paying monthly for online access aswell as the 400£ or so weve spent on the console your just a bum who wants things for free because you feel entitled yeah you spent 40 quid on the game b ut that was over a year ago get over it you lowlife

      • Rob Kaper

        Huh? GTA V isn’t even out for current gen yet…

        • The Snitchfather

          Ps3 and xbox 360 are still called current gen, ps4 and xboxone are still called next gen, nice try though you fool.

        • Rob Kaper

          Am I a fool for not understanding how something that’s been available for almost a year is anything but current generation?

        • The Snitchfather

          Yes you are, back when ps3 waa released they called ps2 current gen and ps3 next gen, 1 year is not long enough to call it current gen.

        • Rob Kaper

          I don’t know who “they” is, but I really can’t call my six year old PS3 current gen myself. 😀

        • The Snitchfather

          Many people qho own their 6 year old ps3 or even their 9 year old xbox call it current gen. And i dont have a problem calling my ps3 current gen, when ps4 isnt even worth calling next gen, forget about calling it current gen. Callingnit current and next gen is actually pretty dumb….since the graphics havent changed.