PSN down with new error CE-33987-0

By Alan Ng - Oct 31, 2014

As we told you hours ago, the PSN is down and not working as Sony performs even more fresh maintenance. During the downtime though, we have spotted a new PSN error code CE-33987-0 which we haven’t seen before.

We’ve learned that there’s a whole library of PSN error codes when the PSN status is having problems but this one is something new that we haven’t seen – Especially Sony’s description of ‘Can’t connect to PSN within the time limit’.

We told you earlier that the maintenance is going to last two hours, which means that Destiny servers are down for two hours too and the same goes for any other games you have been playing online this week.


Hopefully the two-hour window will prove to be correct and Sony won’t run into any further problems. Sony did say that the service would be down at 4am UK time and things are going according to schedule so far.

The PSN should be back up at 6am, so let us know if you are affected by this. Sony gave enough warning prior to the downtime and we should be fortunate that it is only two hours this time rather than 8 or 14 hours which we have seen in the past.

Is your PSN down as well in your area – have you seen the PSN CE-33987-0 code before?

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  • Widjesh

    Also in suriname

  • Leslie Cairnes

    PSN is still down for some here down under

  • Karsjens

    Still down in Iowa, United States for me. 4:57 pm, December 27th

    • Mike

      iowa sucks anyways

      • abba

        a comment from a little boy. awww.

  • joltzi

    Still down finland

  • Ryan

    still down in UK

  • shoan

    Still down Canada

  • Jimbob11

    27/12 12:16pm Leeds england
    Still down 😱

    • ste

      Same here in Liverpool

  • tonyspurs72

    27/12 Saturday 12:50 Norway STILL DOWN…!!

  • Ruth McGoun

    Still down

  • Jarek

    27 DEC 10:20am Poland, Gdańsk -STILL DOWN !!!!

  • Jhon


  • PSN

    26. DEC 2014. – Zagreb

  • APR

    Also down in Barcelona, 26/12/2014

  • Raffael

    26/12/14 – Israel

  • mike

    in Russua

  • Simon Cole

    Still down in uk 1714
    26/12/14 error code CE 33987 0

  • chris

    Still down in central Florida. Dec 26 noon

  • Dingbat137

    It is down in south africa for over 24 hours now

  • Bandar

    it’s down in Saudi Arabia since yesterday .. Today is December 26. 1:57 pm. , hope it works soon

    • adeeb

      same here

    • salah

      Here at Uae… Same thing… From 26 December…. At 8:00 pm

  • kevin

    It’ s D:ecember 25 1: 15 pm and I’m still getting (CE-33987-0) error

  • sean

    Uk is back on


    Damn to be honest i love the ps4 and everything about it but this crap is getting old. New update fucks up my shit,then destiny’s update too. This is silly.Its like sony is on a roll of errors this month. But im a sony fan ill just wait.-_-

  • dappadan

    It’s still down where I live. And I’ve just been getting the error code 31194-8. I usually give about a 30 min grace period where if they run over the time they said it would take I’m fine with it but now I’m starting to get a little agitated.

  • JSnotorious

    I love Sony and have for years home theater ,TV’s everything but I must agree every time I try to play it never works it doesn’t even surprise me anymore!

  • zblacktt

    It’s funny how we pay for this service now and it is down SO often. So much for paying for a much better service. Yet I don’t recall this many issues back in the PS3 days. Now it’s like everyday you go to use it you ask yourself will it work?

  • Batten

    Wtf!! It took two hour to complete damn

  • Adrian

    Man, Sony has really stuffed up. What’s worse is I got into the evolve alpha and than PSN stopped working. ill most likely keep the PS4 for Uncharted, but ill stick to Xbox One for Multiplats from now on.

    • dappadan

      Well evolve Alpha doesn’t start until 9 am pacific time so it doesn’t really matter anyways unless you were still downloading the game.

  • dan

    Is the network actually back online at 6am because i bought the ps4 yesterday and started it up around 11am and iv’e not been able to sign in on my account and even the password reset is doing my tits in


      Dude same i got mine yesterday last thing you want is a new console and not be able to use it online. Hopefully it will be on soon this sucks balls

  • FSony

    Taking this hunk of crap to trade in for xbox one tomorrow. No good games and a worthless online service. Major mistake i made going with ps4.

    • dublbarryl

      Thank God you’re getting an Xbox One. Lousy unloyal fans like you belong on Xbox. Don’t come back to PS people like you make the PS fan base look shitty..

      • B332

        Why should someone remain loyal to a shitty product?

    • Adrian

      I would keep it for Uncharted, you’ll regret it. Better to have both consoles dude. I’m sticking to Multiplats on Xbox One from now on, this blows.

  • seriously annoyed

    This is getting really old. I have no idea how xbox live is now, but I literally can not think of a single time when I had this problem with my 360 (not saying it never happened it just never happened to me) but this is what the 4th time this month for me? When my subscriptions up I really don’t know if I’m going to renew it.

  • Assf

    Can’t sign on for shiet

  • Frank

    Sony is disappointing me on a daily basis now, first minecraft leaderboards not working I hope this maintenance has call of duty working flawlessly on launch day!

    • JJ13

      minecraft and call of duty?? time for bed kid


        Yet your comment was more childish lol what a winner you are

        • Josh101

          Your screen-name though. One to talk about childish eh? Just sayin’

        • JJ13

          whatever helps you sleep at night

  • Guest

    Getting real tired of this…..