PSN down with new error CE-33987-0

As we told you hours ago, the PSN is down and not working as Sony performs even more fresh maintenance. During the downtime though, we have spotted a new PSN error code CE-33987-0 which we haven’t seen before.

We’ve learned that there’s a whole library of PSN error codes when the PSN status is having problems but this one is something new that we haven’t seen – Especially Sony’s description of ‘Can’t connect to PSN within the time limit’.

We told you earlier that the maintenance is going to last two hours, which means that Destiny servers are down for two hours too and the same goes for any other games you have been playing online this week.


Hopefully the two-hour window will prove to be correct and Sony won’t run into any further problems. Sony did say that the service would be down at 4am UK time and things are going according to schedule so far.

The PSN should be back up at 6am, so let us know if you are affected by this. Sony gave enough warning prior to the downtime and we should be fortunate that it is only two hours this time rather than 8 or 14 hours which we have seen in the past.

Is your PSN down as well in your area – have you seen the PSN CE-33987-0 code before?



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