The Evil Within PC update notes on Steam

- Oct 30, 2014

The Evil Within on PC received some new update notes on Steam within the last 24 hours. The latest patch details improvements to gamers with high-end PCs, which will allow them to edit the settings to run The Evil Within at 60fps or 30fps.

Another welcomed change is the ability to disable black bars you see, although better known as a letterbox display. You just head to settings and maximize your display by disabling letterbox mode.


We have included the latest The Evil Within PC update notes below. In a nutshell, they bring fixes for localization, a fix for the game starting in windowed mode when first run, fixes for visual issues and gameplay at 30fps, new frame lock settings are added, and also Achievements will now work when console is enabled. It’s worth noting that you can toggle between letterbox bars enabled and disabled thanks to a UI change.


Did The Evil Within latest PC update fix the problems you had, or are there still issues that need fixing? Leave a comment below with your wishlist for the next patch.

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  • Josh101

    Um, why is the main shot of this article a close-up of the female characters chest? Really?

    • Evil Without?

      Cloth textures etc?
      If it was a close up up the white man’s clothes they would be calling foul because no female representation etc.
      No need to get all Sarkeesian on us 🙂
      On the game, lucky I found out that they held the real game (no letter box restrictions) for PC.
      I was going to buy this tonight for my PS4. Saved me $90.
      Why are these devs so stupid? Rock* are saving the best GTAV version for PC but they are not stupid enough to do so until ALL CONSOLE VERSIONS HAVE HAD A CHANCE TO SELL. Man, if I could be their commercial manager, they could make so much more money.
      After this, who in their right mind would buy the console version?

      • Josh101

        Heh. I’m just saying, it’s probably not the best screenshot for the game. Could show spider-lady instead, which would be much better imo. No Sarkeesian undertone I’m trying to voice. You have to admit though, a bit odd.