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Terra Battle Neo Bahamut start time

We are just hours away from the start of the next Terra Battle event. Last week, Mistwalker introduced Bahamut to the game, a fearsome dragon which you had the chance to recruit.

Now the Neo Bahamut event is next – the stronger version of Bahamut which will come with the chance to drop the Caladbolg. This is the legendary weapon needed to evolve Bahamut to Job 2 and in turn, unlock stronger abilities to use in battle.

We can bring you a quick heads-up on the Terra Battle Neo Bahamut start time now, as the event is going to be starting at 7am UTC. That means 3pm for those of you in Hong Kong, 7am UK time and 2am for those on Eastern Time in the US.


This is the same time in which the first Bahamut event began and let’s hope that Mistwalker are preparing to give out another 5 energy free for participating.

The important information that you need to know is that Neo Bahamut is going to be capped at level 35, meaning that you really want your team at level 35 or above if you want to defeat the boss quickly for frequent Caladbolg farming attempts.

Let us know what squad you have below to take on Neo Bahamut and how many ‘attempts’ it took you to get Bahamut in the last event. Are you hoping that Neo Bahamut will drop both the Caladbolg and Bahamut as a recruit?



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