PSN maintenance today 10/30, down for 2 hours

By Daniel Chubb - Oct 30, 2014

The PlayStation Network will be going down later today, 10/30. This is due to scheduled PSN maintenance that was revealed within the last few hours, which is aimed at helping the online servers deliver the best experience possible.

Sony revealed the PSN maintenance will start at 9pm on Thursday, October 30 2014. This is for Pacific time, so in the UK that would be more like 4am on Friday, October 31st. It will last only 2 hours, so you’ll see PSN back up and running from 11PM PST and 6am UK.


Sony Entertainment Network is undergoing maintenance – this is the message you will likely see later today in the US, or early morning tomorrow in the UK. When you try to access the PS Store, or sign-in to PSN you might see an “undergoing maintenance” error message.

If this schedule is changed, then we’ll update Product Reviews readers. You can see the official statement above, which is found on the PSN status page and explains when the maintenance will take place today.

PSN maintenance down for 2 hours

How do you feel about PSN going down today, especially considering the 7 hours maintenance not long ago? Other error codes you might see on PS3 and PS4 include E8200013A, NW-31201-7, NP-35000-8, and many others depending on what parts of your console you are trying to access.

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  • Ryan Cuellar

    psn says the network is online but I still cant sign in…DUHH FUK

  • greekgoon

    Yall are a bunch of cry babies u can’t live without ps4 for 3 hours so they can try and better the network… smh

  • Eric North

    I just logged on! Its back on!

  • Jonathan Beauchamp

    All my next game except exclusive will be on xbox one PSN is ALWAYS in maintenance it`s annoying

  • Dayumson

    Can’t join 🙁 just got off work too .

  • Salty

    I still can’t log in? Anyone else?

  • Satisfied guy

    Only 2 he’s. They just fixing some stuff for us

    • aquaspawn

      so im not the only one who cant sing in at the moment

      • William Anthony Richardson

        I can’t sign in either

      • Heather Antuanet Bogart

        I think it’s spelled SIGN not sing XD

  • bone2pick