PS4 update 2.01, or 2.1 for Rest Mode problems

By Alan Ng - Oct 30, 2014

Sony may have just released their highly anticipated PS4 2.0 Masamune update, but it looks like it is causing more harm than good for some users. We have seen pages and pages of complaints from those who say that they have experienced PS4 Rest Mode problems and are now looking ahead to a fix with the PS4 2.01 or 2.1 update.

Rest Mode is a new term for Stand By mode, which Sony also introduced with the 2.0 update. It allows users to assume the console in a low power state, ideal for downloading updates in the background and charging controllers so everything is ready for use when you next plan to have a session.

It is the PS4 Rest Mode issues which are causing users a headache though, as many users have said that the PS4 won’t turn on after going into Rest Mode. Such are the frequent issues on this topic, that it has also forced Sony’s help Twitter ‘AskPlayStation’ to offer a potential fix for the problems.


Sony has redirected gamers to this problem solving thread, asking gamers to go into PS4 Safe Mode and see if that will solve the problem.

Elsewhere, we see that there is a whole thread on Neogaf which is dedicated to the same issue, while there’s another entire thread at Reddit with the same thing.

Both seem to be united in the fact that you SHOULD NOT unplug your console if you find out that it won’t turn on after Rest Mode. Rather than unplug, you should hold down the PS4 power button for 10-15 seconds until it shuts down completely.

After that you can go into PS4 Recovery Mode, re-build your database and hopefully you can go back into Rest Mode without any problems. Sony has yet to confirm whether a quick-fire PS4 2.01 update or PS4 2.1 update is on the way to solve the problem permanently, but we’ll keep you updated on that.

Have you had any PS4 2.0 problems since updating, or has everything been perfect for you so far?

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  • Aaron Gabbard

    What fixed it for me is to go into My account and when it asks to sign in I signed in backed out and it as fixed, so something about logging

    • Wayne .

      Can you boot it back up from rest mode

  • Wayne .

    Just installed the 2.1 update and it’s still doing it I had to switch it off at the wall again

  • freddyonestar

    holding the power button in did sfa for me, so had to pull the plug out and play Russian roulette. sf sony

  • Godfrey Fresco

    Yes and I’m really mad

  • Cole Mayes

    Since the update 2.0 installed yesterday I cannot access PSN nor play Destiny. I have off from work for the next 3 days and if I can’t play Destiny there will be plenty of choice words sent to Sony about this update if it is what’s caused my console to stop connecting. I get browse other websites through the browser, but it won’t connect to PSN. ARRRGGGHH!

    • Kind Stranger

      It went down for maintence for 2 hours. Most likely to fix update 2.0 problems people have been having. It should be back up soon.

  • Josh101

    I got a message from a buddy that said just this. I’m glad I turn my PS4 off regularly. Thankfully it’s not bricking consoles entirely. I wouldn’t test it, you could still corrupt your data. Be sure to turn it off.

  • Kevin

    I put mine in standby mode yesterday as always. I noticed the orange light wasn’t on this morning, but it powered up OK.
    Didn’t know there was a problem til I read this.
    From now on though it will be switched of til the fix 🙂