PS Plus November 2014 video preview leaked

By Alan Ng - Oct 30, 2014

By now, you should know that the PS Plus November 2014 games on PS4 and PS3 have been leaked. Sony actually uploaded the video preview early just hours ago only to quickly remove it for some reason.

Well, we’ve now found that video again and you can watch it and get a full preview on the games that are coming. Just to recap, Sony will be offering Steamworld Dig and The Binding of Isaac on PS4.

On PS3, the games to replace Batman Arkham Asylum will be Frozen Synapse Prime and Luftrausers. Arugably, PS Vita owners may be getting the best deal as Sony will launch The Hungry Horde and the excellent Escape Plan for free.


As we told you here before anyone else, all of these games will be going live on November 4 as that is the official launch date for The Binding of Isaac.

For some reason, Sony has not yet published the news on the US or EU PlayStation Blogs. The official video from Sony community manager Kristine Steimer is not available on any Sony platforms yet either – but we have it for you below.

Take a look and you’ll see gameplay for all of the six games mentioned above. Tell us what you think about them and if you are happy with the update coming next month.

We told you here about some who are very unhappy that we are not getting AAA games once again – but are you satisfied?

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  • PS2600

    What is with all these 8bit games on the PS4? I know they are free but in terms of word of mouth it is bad marketing. Scenario – you go around someone’s house and they have a PS4 on in the background. You ask “Hey cool, have you still got your Amiga 500?” and they reply “no, this is the next gen consoles.”
    Sony, stop promoting these appalling looking games. I get that you can’t give AAAs for free but as these 80s looking games are free they will be getting a lot of screen time. PS+ used to give decent games. I have not downloaded any for months. Just goes to show why it’s never good if one console totally dominates…they stop trying.

    • Me

      Sony can’t put whatever games they want on they have to agree with the publishers and non of the AAA publishers will allow it as they still see sales to be had. I don’t fully understand that because Sony would have to pay them so it’s not like they would lose out.

      • Aercy

        Sony isn’t in a position to lose out money at the moment. Check their financials.