Microsoft Band TV ad is all about moments

The first Microsoft Band TV ad is all about the moments we experience in life and we only know their importance once they are gone. Microsoft has only just introduced their smart band, which follows news about Apple’s Watch last month and reveals how much these brands are putting into devices that extend from our smartphones.

Each smartwatch has the aim to help us remember the best moments in our life, be more productive, stay healthier and monitor how well our fitness is doing, along with keeping us connected to others like never before. Apple and Microsoft will tell you their smart watches will help you never miss an important moment again.


The Microsoft Band is powered by Microsoft Health and it’s the apps behind these devices that can make or break them. In fact, you might even decide on your smartwatch by the software running on the device, so for Apple fans the Apple Watch might be the only possible option. The same can be said for Microsoft’s smart band and those that rely on Windows Phone software.


Take a closer look at the Microsoft Band TV commercial below that details the main features, although the message is clearly all about making the most of moments in our life.



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