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GTA V 1.18 update release time for Halloween

Rockstar really knows how to tease the community. We thought that we may see the GTA V 1.18 update release time shortly after the developer announced upgrade details for PS4, Xbox One but so far Rockstar has kept everyone waiting.

Then just hours ago, GTA Online was not working for maintenance and inevitably many jumped to the conclusion that Rockstar was preparing to drop the highly anticipated GTA V Halloween update.

At the time of writing though, GTA V 1.18 is still not live and gamers are now starting to wonder if any Halloween content is coming at all. We are just 48 hours away from the start of Halloween and it would almost be unthinkable if Rockstar chooses not to celebrate it given we’ve seen other celebrations in the past for National Aviation Day, Independence Day and so on.


We still have hope though for the following key reason. GTA V 1.17 released on Thursday to refresh your memory and it was the first time that Rockstar released an update for GTA Online which wasn’t on a Tuesday.

If we remember correctly, GTA V 1.17 launched around 10-11am in the UK, which is usually the time in which Rockstar prefers to launch. While this is no guarantee, it could suggest that GTA V 1.18 will follow suit and will go live around the same time – 6am Eastern Time, or 3am for those on Pacific.

Rockstar always posts the patch notes later on in the same day as you can see from the screenshot we captured above. Put it this way, there will be a lot of disappointed GTA V gamers out there if we don’t see a Halloween update.

Rockstar has never launched a new update on a Friday, so will they make an exception so that it falls exactly on Halloween? Let us know your last minute expectations for the update and whether you think it will contain zombies.



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