GTA V 1.18 update release time for Halloween

By Alan Ng - Oct 30, 2014

Rockstar really knows how to tease the community. We thought that we may see the GTA V 1.18 update release time shortly after the developer announced upgrade details for PS4, Xbox One but so far Rockstar has kept everyone waiting.

Then just hours ago, GTA Online was not working for maintenance and inevitably many jumped to the conclusion that Rockstar was preparing to drop the highly anticipated GTA V Halloween update.

At the time of writing though, GTA V 1.18 is still not live and gamers are now starting to wonder if any Halloween content is coming at all. We are just 48 hours away from the start of Halloween and it would almost be unthinkable if Rockstar chooses not to celebrate it given we’ve seen other celebrations in the past for National Aviation Day, Independence Day and so on.


We still have hope though for the following key reason. GTA V 1.17 released on Thursday to refresh your memory and it was the first time that Rockstar released an update for GTA Online which wasn’t on a Tuesday.

If we remember correctly, GTA V 1.17 launched around 10-11am in the UK, which is usually the time in which Rockstar prefers to launch. While this is no guarantee, it could suggest that GTA V 1.18 will follow suit and will go live around the same time – 6am Eastern Time, or 3am for those on Pacific.

Rockstar always posts the patch notes later on in the same day as you can see from the screenshot we captured above. Put it this way, there will be a lot of disappointed GTA V gamers out there if we don’t see a Halloween update.

Rockstar has never launched a new update on a Friday, so will they make an exception so that it falls exactly on Halloween? Let us know your last minute expectations for the update and whether you think it will contain zombies.

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  • bulldog

    Maybe it will come out on Saturday Sunday or Tuesday give them a chance they could be working on it right now

  • Wray Byatt

    Rockstar missed out on a opportunity to get some ppl to buy shark cards for DLC items. Where’s the logic in that?

  • Wray Byatt

    So many doable ideas of Halloween DLC and we get double RP? They give us DLC for aviation day of all holidays but not halloween??? Obviously they knew we were expecting something, is it really that hard to throw some extra scripts into online play just to give us something different?

  • raidergamer

    Never mind my game was just glitching

  • raidergamer

    No lie I don’t know about you guys but my game just announced a special crate drop and it’s been stuck at dusk for about 30 minutes

  • Col. Klink

    Why is everyone so pissed off at Rockstar??? They NEVER said anything about a Halloween dlc EVER! To assume is to make an ass of u and me. Silly rabbits.

    • The Yesterday Men

      Tricks are for kids!!

  • oOoOoOoOoOo

    If the update hasn’t been issued by 11am uk time the chances of there actually being an update is very very slim, Rockstar won’t release a dlc at night, that doesn’t make any logical sense

    • Trevor Phillips

      Well it’s 12:07 now so I think the chances are dead and gone.

      Ooohohoh Rockstar makes me MAAAADDDDD!!!

    • WindedSum8210

      It’s a real shame Rockstar haven’t capitalised on this opportunity to provide their loyal fans with this DLC. Seems many all over the world have had their hopes dashed. Not great PR. I know we shouldn’t have been expecting this but it would have been a nice gesture.

  • Mikegeorge0301

    To be honest I am disappointed they haven’t released this Halloween update, but thinking about it I’m only disappointed due to the fact everyone with no knowledge of there actually being one or not got everyone’s hopes up. Its us been nieve listening to people who don’t no nothing, I think next time we should all assume no1 actually no’s anything that way if and when the next update comes we can enjoy it instead of critasising it for not being what we expected or what everyone put in our heads it could contain. I’m a long lasting GTA player and the mistakes or disappointments in All of the gta games have been over shadowed in my eyes with the surprises and quality of other areas of the game which has kept me coming back to the game over and over again, at the end of the day if u don’t like it the there is plenty of other games out there that u can criticise.

    • Wray Byatt

      They told us to expect new DLC every month. So instead of getting a Halloween DLC, we got some call of duty esque outfits 😐

  • ted

    I’m seeing double money and rp for deathmatches. This their way of saying sorry for no update?

  • GtaGamer73

    I don’t think RS will release the 1.18 for Halloween this year.Don’t know why but i think it’s dissapointing.
    Even if they would release dlc halloween later on today it’s not worth the time playing.Like Valentine it’s all temporary content,availlable for us for a short ammount of time.If there would be a kind of dlc now RS would have released that yesterdag,it’s not logic to release this late.

    My feeling about 1.18 is that we have to waith untill next month,if we are lucky.It looks like RS is had it’s focus on the next gen realease on november 18th for the xbox one.I hope that does not mean that they are gonna abandon the game for 360 and ps3 by quiting new dlc updates and only focus on xbox one and ps4.I really hope i’m wrong about the whole thing,let’s waith and see what happens…nothing much more we can do about it anyway ;).Have a nice day you all,with or without Halloween dlc !

    • oOoOoOoOoOo

      Unfortunately dlc for the 360/ps3 will most likely not be released after the next gen comes out simple because the updates will only be possible with the power that next gen offers, they may not abandon the 360/ps3 users but they certainly won’t make them a priority

  • Fezza

    It is 11:11am in UK time now and no DLC.. they normally release dlc around 10:30 to 11am here.. hopefully (if any) they may bring it out tonight

  • Fezza

    I think they need to bring this DLC out.. with the next gen version just around the corner.. they will need reasons for the players to purchase this game again! If GTAV isnt exciting on 360/PS3 they what the same game gona be any better on next gen (apart from graphics and a few extra missions/ vehicles etc)?

  • DJ

    I used to love playing there games every day. Now I’m just playing them so they can get paid. Wow at least tell us if there will be a dlc.

  • DJ

    I’ve lost hope in R*

  • DJ

    Sure it’s out. Way to troll

  • Johnny

    Guys it’s out now!! Downloading! !!

    • q

      Shut up liar

  • DJ

    You trick or treat at night so wonder if they would release the Halloween dlc at night?

  • dodo

    Still not out

  • BoredofGTA

    This Halloween dlc is the only thing making me keep the game, got so bored long ago. Haven’t played in ages but I’ll keep it for a but longer if this dlc comes out, if not then it’s getting traded in towards COD Advanced Warfare!!! A real game.

    • BoredofGTA

      Actually in don’t think it’s even worth keeping for the Halloween dlc, f@$k it! Bye GTA, helloooo COD!

    • rocky

      looks like it’s not gonna happen. Rockstar could at least tell us that it’s not.

    • JDMwill

      COD? Real game?
      Ahahahahahahahaha you do make me laugh

  • big deal

    Nope not out

  • Jordan

    Guys, it out now

    • tommy

      why lie?

  • oOoOoOoOoOo

    Seasonal dlc always would come out on THE DAY of the event. Everyone who expected it to be Tuesday or Thursday were wrong, why would Halloween stuff come out before Halloween?, IF and that’s a big if dlc for Halloween does come out it would be on the day of the celebrated event

  • slikk50

    If you don’t like the game then don’t play….dumbasses…cuz R* is the only game developer on the planet Earth. Cry cry cry…

  • ndlz84 .

    Other than snow, Rockstar has never added anything to the game other than the usual; vehicles, clothes, hair, tattoos. Theres no chance of ‘zombies’ or anything else out of the ordinary. There’s a good chance for the usual.. masks, outfits, a couple of low-end vehicles and maybe a gruesome weapon.

    • mike

      Yes but at some point they have to do something big to keep people playing. They may have gotten lucky and had the next gen systems do that for them.

    • oOoOoOoOoOo

      Zombies are a possibility within gta 5, if you actually go within the source code for the game you will see code that relates to a separate start up menu with a secondary option of “zombies”

  • Rockstar Gaming Community

    No update guys sorry

    • Fadedsunz

      lol im a Rockstar employee too and I say yes update will be out tomorrow wtf you would post this on newswire if it from real offical

    • jrff

      Rockstar . WOULD NOT . post on a 3rd party site.
      This guy is a FAKE.

  • Rockstar Source

    It wont be released guys I kno for sure because of my inside sources

    • Fadedsunz

      lol Whats your inside sources YOUTUBE

  • Dart

    It could still release I guess, it’s currently 3:30am here in Britain.

  • squish

    It looks like we won’t be getting a Halloween dlc, damn I was looking forward to that.

  • Rich

    00:04. Still no sign. Damn.

  • mirco

    hope will arrive heists on ps3…

  • Pete

    Refund for what,you paid for a single player game,they gave you online free

    • Gregg

      Want a refund because the box even says multiplayer and networking, I didn’t just pay for a single player game. I paid for the multiplayer that it clearly states on the box.

      • Mike

        Agree 100% Gregg. Posted a long explanation of the issues I have with this game but apparently this site didn’t like my comment. But your summation is far more succinct.

        • Fadedsunz

          I would submit a ticket if you cant get on multiplayer cuz i can fine

      • Fadedsunz

        Hey try to log in gta,if u can there is your answer to multiplayer

    • Pete

      So what you guys are saying is you cant get online cuz if you can then there is your multiplayer and networking…BTW content wise if they released the heists they could do that and thats it they only promised the heists.Hmmm oh i get it you want…you guys want to get more than you paid for,well good luck on that.Another note are you guys going to cry about expansions not being released either,did they promise those…..WTF

      • Fadedsunz

        I agree 100% with you Pete if we did ask for more that would be giving us too much,so yes if the heist were released tomorrow and thats all that would be released at least rockstar fullfilled their promise.About the comment about multiplayer and networking lol I can get on fine so yes they did as promised on the box

        • Mike

          You’re kinda of an idiot, no? Pete said that we paid for a single player game. Gregg countered and said that the case says multi-player. Gregg was saying that Pete was incorrect. Get it? Okay good.

        • Fadedsunz

          but they did supply multiplayer

        • Mike

          Yes a redundant and unoriginal mp which has been plagued since a failed roll out with glitches, hacks and trolls.

      • mike

        I don’t know what your deal is. R* is a company that supposed to push boundaries. This game didn’t do it. I wouldn’t have paid for a single of these shitty dlc updates or online. Nothing new has been brought to the table. Read Dead Redemption did this all. This game is just bigger. And these days online is the standard. If you’re going to create a game that’s not online multi-player then it better have something spectacular to offer. This game didn’t. It’s a big map with high attention to detail but the online experience is boring and redundant. Defend them all you want but this game is lackluster.

        • Fadedsunz

          But they supplied what they promised except the heists

        • mike

          Wrong. The multi-player should have been the same as the single player world. Where’s the wildlife and stock market? I’m really not trying to be overly hard on them. I’ve been playing gta since the overhead view games on the original playstation. This game was supposed to be big. It was supposed to be original. It wasn’t built on other games like vice city was built on 3. Basically the graphics in this game weren’t substantially better than 4. The 3 character story was unique but it didn’t add much play time. It certainly didn’t add replay value. The multi-player was nothing more than R* had done in the past. I wanted to love this game. Honestly I did but I don’t. It’s really that simple.

  • jabogablin

    wrong, their has been several updates in the past that didn’t happen on a tuesday.

  • bob

    So, are the ps3 and 360 getting heists? I don’t have a ps4, and won’t be able to afford one for a long time. I don’t even recall rockstar saying the next gen is getting it either. is the heists update ever coming out? Can I demand my money back from rockstar for selling me an incomplete game?

  • Pete

    BTW the start of your post is wrong 1/16/14 update was on a thursday

  • RancidHeart

    I don’t know if it will contain zombies. GTA V is more focused on aliens. An alien invasion would be just as good, if not better. Though, Halloween costumes and decorated houses and leaves falling off trees would be pretty awesome. I think for weapons; scythe, chainsaw, jack-o-lantern launcher, some toilet paper… Those would be cool.

  • Rich

    I have a feeling that if they are going to release the Halloween DLC then they will release it close to midnight (UK). No idea why, but just a feeling.

  • jake

    It would be nice to have a Halloween update before Halloween. Who likes to wear their costumes before Halloween? Everyone. Who likes to dress up after? In November? That’s lame.

  • mork

    Why are people expecting zombies? Is it because of the street performer you see in single player dressed as a zombie? That’s just dumb, there should be a mime download, and an alien download, and a, statue. People can’t just jump to conclusion that there will be zombies just because of a picture someone took of the street performer dressed as one.

    • Mike

      Red Dead Undead Nightmare

    • ndlz84 .

      Should be Impotent Rage download as well then ;]

  • RandomViolentActs

    I highly doubt rockstar would post comments on a third party site.

    • TheSystemWorks

      Exactly. People’s hopes are down and are looking for a reason why. But they don’t need to buy into this bs. It’s not a legitimate name nor is it a legitimate message from the actual company. This guy is a horrible fraud doing his trick.
      Look at the freakin newswire. Go to rockstar’s website. See if you find anything tangible to this fraud’s claim. Get real people!

      • Rockstar XD

        It was a joke about rockstar ANYWAYS go to ammunation and there is two more spots for weapons indicating the release of at least one more dlc, maybe release it at midnight? Or halloween morning? Idk but i guess we will have to wait and see.

        • ndlz84 .

          For the people who got the Collectors Ed. All the weapon spots are taken.


    Until Rockstar makes missions for GTA Online that reward players with large cash playouts, we’ll continue to see a decline in people logging in to play. I haven’t played in weeks after realizing its pointless in trying to make enough money to purchase everything I want from completing mission after mission and only making < $25K for each one.

    • ndlz84 .

      Its not that hard to make $300,000 in 2hrs. That’s decent enough I think. Since they rebalanced the payouts, its been quite fair for the effort. That’s if you got the time.

      • WTFITBS

        Agreed, but what does $300,000 give you? You can’t buy a Pegassi sports car, or a new plane after two hours of online play. HEIST should give large cash payouts if they involve robbing banks. Since there are no options for investing our money in BAWSAQ or owning a business like in single player. There should be some large payouts of over $500,000 for us to start making millions in two-hours of gameplay so we can buy what we like.

  • Ryan Allsobrook

    I just know this is gonna come out soon and its gonna be amazing. Especially as I’m getting an Xbox one tomorrow 😂😂 all well, I’ll just have to wait

  • Nikolaus Gipe

    Yeah I’m pretty sure this is a trick and not a treat. I agree with everyone, they have never cared about religious reasons before. More of the world celebrates Halloween in some form more than Christmas.

  • Rockstar

    Now Live!

  • Devon

    Well I hope its soon and I want zombies!!!!!!!!! I got plenty of places I can kill zombies on GTA plus they should add a chainsaw that would be insane to kill zombies with but please have the update soon!!

    • RandomViolentActs

      The zombies is so dumb though. It’s outplayed so much..we need cheaper online prices and they need to fix the pure black tint for Windows. While they’re at it..add colored tint and front windshield tint. As well.

  • Matticus

    Considering that rockstar stated below thats its not gonna happen i would say its no need to have our hopes up anymore unless its just a trick since its halloween

  • goofy0967

    Should make it so you can buy a chainsaw for say 10-20 thousand. Then it it easier to get than going through 1000 meelee kills with a knife just to pay $1000000

  • Mew mew

    You celebrate Christmas and you choose to cancel Halloween update? If you do not like Halloween, you don’t have to take part. Ass holes.

  • Dunfy25

    Come on rockstar I want to mash some zombies up with a chainsaw!

  • jwisin

    Sucked cus i wanted to see a zombie survival match

  • Kieran

    Why are people expecting it to be out today? Halloween is tomorrow!

  • Dissapointed

    It got cancelled due to “religious reasons” 🙁

    • Rockstar

      @dissapointed, Indeed it did get cancelled due to different Religious outlooks and to everyone else we are doing what we can to bring you an update (1.18) soon, thank you for your patience. -Rockstar

      • Kieran

        Rockstar wouldn’t just cancel something due to Religious outlooks when they controversially smash everything with success.

        • Jack

          I know XD! This update had better come out though 😡

        • Kieran

          There’s too many fans expecting it, I don’t think Rockstar would miss out on this opportunity, it’s also too big of a holiday to miss out on.

      • GVE98

        You had a Christmas update didn’t you? So don’t give us that Bull about “religious outlooks” reason.

      • anon

        Religious outlooks?you guys ate pathetic seriously,you had a chirstmas update didn’t you?……hello more than half the world dosent even celebrate christmas!

      • TheSystemWorks


      • TheSystemWorks

        Trick or treat. Guess it’s time for the trolls and a-holes to have a good reason to prank. And it freakin worked! Haha. Wow. People dont actually believe this do they?

    • Gray Skyler

      Lol uh huh. Sure they did. xD

    • dude

      lol yet they made a killing game XD

  • John Wellman

    Remember when you could play a game that never had content updates every 5 minutes and we were still satisfied with it? People are too greedy now and expect way too much out of a company that already has too much on its hands. It’s working on games for 4 consoles and still trying to bring new content for the old one.

    • Dunfy25

      They shouldn’t make promises they can’t keep then like the “heists”

      • Kidjoker

        Yep they need to stop over hyping their games with insane trailers and not coming through

    • Kidjoker

      We wouldn’t expect so much if they didn’t over hype the game so damn much, smh heist my ass

    • kevin

      You realize heists was supposed to be included when the game released right? It’s been a year and the game still isn’t complete.

  • UKWaiting

    Anybody else waiting in the UK?

    • Daniel Scott

      Yes don’t think it will be out

      • UKWaiting

        Gutted, was looking forward to having a reason to play gta today. oh well.

  • The Unknown

    Hahaha I better PRAISE THE SUN while waiting for it then

  • JohnD

    My expectations are… DISSAPOINTMENT! as usual with Rockstar.

  • 123

    might be released tomorrow

  • Pcfinlay4783

    1.18 is out!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • glenn quagmire

      Are you joking or not. I can’t tell.

      • Daniel Scott

        He’s lying I just put gta on no update. It’s not even on the rockstar newswire. I hope there is a halloween update though.

        • glenn quagmire

          I thought he was. I hope there’s an update as well. I’ll be pretty disappointed if there isn’t.

        • Daniel Scott

          Yeah i know.

    • Gta5gamer

      No it’s not,atleast not in the netherlands :(.

    • Gray Skyler


  • Hitler

    That was inspirational.

    • ferny

      UPDATE IS LIVE !!!!!! Halloween Bash Update

      • Mecro

        You Sure

        • Daniel Scott

          No he’s another liar. There is no update I have been watching the newswire. I don’t know why rockstar wouldn’t do a halloween update it makes sense that they should

        • Dunfy25

          It’s on!

        • Daniel Scott

          No it’s not

        • Dunfy25

          It’s not going to be today the is it?

        • Pinochio

          Its finally here. Worth the wait

        • Alisiea Moyer

          Nope it’s not here no update