Double WWE 2K15 roster list on PS4, Xbox One

By Alan Ng - Oct 30, 2014

We know that some of you are disappointed with the final WWE 2K15 roster on PS3 and Xbox 360. Fortunately, 2K has decided to move the PS4 and Xbox One versions to the end of January and it could have a positive effect regarding the WWE 2K15 roster list on PS4 and Xbox One.

Visual Concepts are now under pressure to not only deliver a better performance with WWE 2K15 next-gen after mixed reviews, but also significantly increase the roster to accommodate the extra hardware resources that the PS4 and Xbox One offer.

Simply put, if WWE 2K14 can support around 60-65 wrestlers on PS3 and Xbox 360 hardware, then some fans may be expecting to see a roster into the 100’s for PS4 and Xbox One.


What excuses would the developers have if they can’t meet a roster which exceeds 100? We have already seen the fallout from the lower than expected roster count for PS3 and Xbox 360 platforms, so we fully expect Visual Concepts to make amends.

Judging by the Tweet which we have included above, it looks like a double-size roster on next-gen versions is fully possible. 2K has effectively just confirmed that every single wrestler who is on the roster today can be added into WWE 2K15 at a later date, so it’s looking good.

What we want to see though is even more old school superstars and a great list of wrestlers included from the Attitude Era. We’re talking Crash Holly, Eddie Guerrero, Perry Saturn, X-Pac, Billy Gunn and all those names.

Do you agree that we need to see a huge WWE 2K15 roster on PS4 and Xbox One as a minimum expectation? Let us know your thoughts on the current roster at the moment and who you want to see to improve it for next-gen.

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  • MajikNinja

    Alan Ng is a lying little bell end who couldn’t lie straight in bed, don’t make crap up to make people come on your crappy site its low man its like saying hey fatty.want a free burger to a fat person and then forcing them to eat a salad. Or your dad swearing he put on that rubber and then ended up creating you. Knob features

  • Sharkey

    It wasn’t pushed back to the end of January.

  • Jason mcflay

    It’s not possible. Wwe cannot put the older roster because it will make their current roster look garbage. Apart from Cena, nobody can match the old roster. Diesel, scott hall, shawn, undertaker, hit man, ddp, sting, goldberg, Saturn, raven, Reece, hogan, savage, Norton, steiners, pac, HHH, rock ( wwe is nothing without the rock), austin ( bigger than wrestling itself), men vs women, batista, orton, giant, andre, flair, warrior, boss man…

    Common, forget get about it. Get used to r truth, Dolph zig guy, cesaro the Swiss, Darren young. That’s wrestling now. And one warning, don’t be too ruthless in the game, wwe is against such violence. Treat the wrestlers as entertainers only. They have acting jobs as well.

    • Bilal Mvw

      Mate I think you have less clue than the author of this article (could’ve been a great article if it wasn’t dedicated to that click bait). No one often mixed the roster in any of the previous games. Apart from the Stone Cold VS Punk and Truth vs Booker not many people done current vs past. Thats why I wasn’t half pissed with the current roster.

    • MajikNinja

      Cesaro and ziggler are good workers held back by creative and the only reason why people stood out more back then is because there was no scripts and basically no rules if stone cold was a jobber now he wouldn’t be half the star he is now because he wouldn’t of had a chance with the pg crap, none of those brutal matches what made history would of happnened and what wwe doesn’t realise is people used to watch wrestling to be entertained now they watch it out of habit because its on and the odd time theyre entertained.

  • Dragi316

    Oh yea we need legends like Crash Holly, Aldo Montoya and Gillberg

  • that tweet was about the characters announced already. its saying that they have a new version of superstar threads.

  • James

    I’d like to see more WCW stars including Goldberg and NWO. Old school DX would be great as well!

  • Cant believe this drivel.

    Game went gold last week.

    • MajikNinja

      Exactly so no push back to january and missing out on a pre Christmas release obviously. Whoever wrote this is a bellend.

  • It isn’t delayed you turkey

    Why is this article deliberately lying?