Xur Oct 31 with items on Halloween

By Daniel Chubb - Apr 15, 2015

Those mote of light and strange coins you’ve been earning all week can be spent again when the new Destiny Xur location arrives tomorrow on October 31, Halloween. There are those that hope the new items will include something with a Halloween theme, especially considering the day this event starts on, although it might be hard to imagine how this would work.

Some times finding the new Destiny Xur location won’t be easy, so this is why we like to keep Product Reviews readers informed the moment Agent of the Nine returns. This means you have more time to consider what items you want to purchase, rather than hunting his new location in Destiny on Oct 31.


In the United States, Bungie will add Xur to Destiny with a new location at 2am PST on Friday and keep him there until Sunday at about the same time. Those of you in the UK shouldn’t try and work out the local time, as it can be different for each country. You should see Destiny’s Xur in his new location on Oct 31 at about 9am in the UK.

If you want to know where Xur is located this Friday before others, then make sure you keep connected to PR and bookmark this page. We’ll be one of the first websites to bring this news tomorrow, as we did last week.

What would you like to see within the sale items this week starting on Halloween? Is there anything you’ve been waiting for and what would be your ultimate Halloween surprise? You can also read about the differences in time of arrival between US and UK here, see the full patch notes, or learn about The Dark Below expansion.

Update: You should now see Xur at the tower. He’s located across from Shaxx, the Crucible vendor. You can see the exact location within the video below along with the items he’s selling.

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  • Kreative Gaming

    The Exotic Sniper Rifle is amazing.

  • Jay

    Only an exotic sniper today… and helmet engram

  • FR Shadows

    If you guys put on the pumpkin head, zur sells the flight of shadows consumable for 1 strange coin

  • Hero

    Xur has come with chest pieces and a sniper this week he is located in the crucible room right outside the Vanguard room

  • NicHartland

    Its 5:08 PM (Western Australian Time) here, he’s here now with with 3 chest armor for each class 1 sniper rifle and as usual 1 exotic engram. He’s located near the Crucible weapon dealer.

  • NicHartland

    It 5:08 PM Western Australian Time, he’s here now with with 3 chest armor for each class 1 sniper rifle and as usual 1 exotic engram. He’s located near the Crucible weapon dealer.

  • Dawson

    Its 4:08 am here in Ontario when should I expect to see xur?

    • Willy

      Downstairs by crucible dealer

  • Kevin

    He shows up at 2am PST not 9am! lol joke of a site!

    • Bryan E. Etherson

      Lol! Amen.

    • joe bob

      Your an idiot, he lives in the uk so obvioudly it wont be the same time everywhere

  • Bryan E. Etherson

    Actually, Xur appears, in the Tower on Friday at 9am GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) which is 5am EST (my timezone), or 2am PST. If you’re not looking for him until 9am PST, you’ve missed out on 7 hours.

  • Dawson

    I’m in canada and im on the xone it is currently 3:13 when will xur show up for me?

    • Bryan E. Etherson

      Depends on where in Canada.

      • Dawson


    • devon

      About 5am its 409 here.

  • Josh Linares

    Hope it’s hawk moon that would be great bc I already got thorn and the last word 😀 I want to get all hand canons

  • Guest

    Hoping for Patience and Time, and the Helm of Saint-14. C’mon Xur!

  • Anna

    December 9 the dark below releases I can’t wait to kick Cortas ass

  • Pedro

    anything that costs 17 coins

  • Billy

    OK, so the Destiny Xur location on 10/31 will be about 10am in the UK and not 5PM (if we convert the 9am PST). Roll on tomorrow.

  • mR Disqus

    Who cares, the game is dead as of 11/4/14. So many other games coming out why would anyone STILL want to run the same 5 strikes, same 6 or 7 bounties, same daily, weekly heroic, and weekly nightfall strikes? Oh yeah, let me pay $20 for ONE more strike and ONE more Raid… there’s an idea!

    • James H

      Yea cuz cod always has new and refreshing gameplay

  • Graeme Willy

    The Red Death would be a suitable halloween treat. I missed it the first time around and haven’t managed to land it in any night fall srikes or raids, as others have.

    • thecakeslayer

      gjallarhorn is what i want

      • Dawson

        I have Gjallerhorn it is my baby and I love it but exotic heavy weapons are not as useful as an exotic special or primary its suck you cant have more then one exotic equipped at a time.

  • Lewis

    Just over 24 hours to go until Xur’s new Destiny location is revealed, can’t wait as I want to make up for last week.

  • Bran

    I really want something special from Xur from Halloween, especially considering the problems with servers this week.