Destiny PS4 theme missing in Australia, Asia

By Alan Ng - Oct 30, 2014

Sony announced plans to offer free PS4 themes for Destiny and COD Advanced Warfare, a very generous act on their side. However, it looks like these themes are dependant on region, or in simpler terms Sony only wants you to have them if you live in America or Europe.

We’ve noticed that the free themes mentioned above are not available for everyone sadly. Specifically, the Destiny and COD Advanced Warfare themes are missing in Australia and Asia Pacific countries such as Hong Kong at the time of writing.

The PS Store updates have already taken place in both regions and now it looks like PS4 gamers in those areas will have to put up with the other three themes that are available instead – Rectangular, Paper Sculpture and Spiral.


If you have the Destiny theme installed, it will look something like this as you can see in the image above – it’s a lovely theme available for free.

It’s disappointing though that not everybody can enjoy them and it almost feels like Sony are putting users into various boxes and deciding who gets the best content.


We haven’t seen any statement from Sony before or after the PS4 2.0 update to confirm that the Destiny and COD Advanced Warfare were region locked, so hopefully that changes.

If you live outside the US and EU, let us know if you are also facing the same problem with the Themes missing on your console. Do you think this is unfair and Sony should make all Store content universal – especially when it comes to free handouts?

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  • ajinnes20

    hey guys, found a way to get the themes, go to store, games, new, new this month and search there, the themes are in that list, its pretty far down but check them out, pretty nice.

  • Ricardo Harvey

    Im in South Africa and we dont have the themes either. Why do they try to segment the market on FREE ITEMS!!!

  • Stephen C

    No themes available in the UK still. I think it’s high time there was some pricing parity on downloadable products, and not just making everything the same number!

  • Roar Sørli

    im in norway and no destiny or COD theme here, so this i wrong, and if you make a us account and download it will be locked unless you make us account primary, and then you cant play your download games i belive

  • stifilz

    Easy fix. Create a EU/US account and activate as primary PS4. Then download theme, leave EU/US account on PS4. Switch to main account and you will see the theme under theme settings. Tahdah 🙂

    • Eri Nova

      Do i need a US ps+ account, to download this theme for my EU primary ps4 account?

    • Lincoln

      It doesn’t work like that. After you change to your old account, the theme is there, but is locked.

      If you click on it, it will bring you to the store to Destiny game page and there is no theme there.

  • km

    From UK and don’t have cod or destiny themes

  • mcawilliams

    Ireland here and no option to even download themes in the theme option, no sign of COD or Destiny in PSN store either.

  • me

    Uk no cod/destiny theme

  • Eko32000

    I am in Germany(Europe) and there is no cod theme

  • Angus cassar-smith

    you do realise that there is a pattern for the occurance of Xur in the tower it starts at the hall of Vanguards then to the Speaker area and then to the Hangar area add my ps4 psn gus220800

  • JB

    I’m in Australia and have installed ps4 2.0. No Destiny or COD AW themes 🙁 the worst