WWE 2K15 roster disappointment from fans

By Alan Ng - Oct 29, 2014

It has been a long wait, but WWE 2K15 is finally available to buy in the US. Not everyone is happy with the WWE 2K15 roster list though, with many names being left off presumably which will later cost money as WWE 2K15 DLC characters.

For a starters, where is Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart? We don’t see him on the game and we don’t see many other veterans either. The first formula for any wrestling game success is to ensure that the roster is up to scratch – include as many as technically possible so no complaints will be heard from the demanding fans.

Wrestling games such as No Mercy on the N64 showed you how a roster should be like and unfortunately it looks like WWE 2K15 may be coming up short in the roster department.


The only saving grace is that any new characters that do eventually come via DLC, will require you to pay more money to own – there goes our dream of playing as Doink the Clown in WWE 2K15.

Another thing that appears to be evident is that rather than introduce as many names onto the roster as possible, developers Visual Concepts have just used roster space to offer different versions of the same character – when ideally, this could have been changed with a simple button press to change outfit and era, thus saving roster slots for other wrestlers.


As a result, there’s two versions of almost everyone – Jericho, CM Punk, Kane, Batista, Daniel Bryan, Randy Orton and so on, you get the idea.

We’re not the only ones who have an issue with this as it seems to be the main talking point on social media at the moment. The game is set to launch in Europe this Friday, but you may want to have a good look at the roster first and decide if you still want to pay top dollar for it.

Can you admit to being a little disappointed with the final roster and the format in which it has been created – i.e, two slots for two versions of the same character instead of a button press on the same slot?

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  • 007_Shaken

    No Bret Hart, that’s weird smh

  • Aalok Roy

    Shittiest roster ever! What the hell was 2K smoking? No Bret Hart!!! No Curt Hennig!!! No Razor Ramon!!! I mean they include Bret’s 2nd rope elbow drop, but they don’t include the man himself. Unbelievable!!!

  • Kory LeFebvre

    Did we go back in time to when “Smackdown vs Raw” just came out? The roster alone made me scream due to the fact that most of them were locked. When you buy the season pass (and it’s not $9.99), you don’t get too many legends, except The Rock, who was previously on the game roster for years. I found a lot of retro versions of characters and a few NXT superstars. Bo Dallas and Rusev should have been in the current roster, but we did get Adrian Neville. With the small roster comes with less customized options. In 2k14, they showed all new moves in one column, but in 2k15 when you search for the “Red Arrow” it is not listed among the new moves even though Adrian Neville is ‘new’ to the game. Gliches galore. John Cena looks like he hasn’t slept in years. Reigns’ ‘Superman Punch’ misses the target. And who wants to make Benoit or Eddie with other wrestler’s music when they walk out? PS4 owners be warned. If they lied about the PS3 version, the suped up graphics and gameplay won’t be any better.

  • dhawan jayswal

    I agree with the above article, a very disappoint roster, infact had purchase ps3 two years back wen came to knw tht they hv attitude era in it and more particularly Bret Hart in it.. had infact order pre-order this time just to hv a sharpshooter vs scorpion death lock… but now was thinking to cancel my pre-order….