RadioShack PRO-652 specs for Desktop Radio Scanner

We have a heads-up for those of you who are planning to get your Holiday 2014 shopping done and completed early before things turn crazy at the end of November. Those who have an interest for radio scanners will be interested to hear that Radioshack are now offering a discounted price on the RadioShack PRO-652 desktop radio scanner.

This scanner has the ability to hook you up with a vast list of frequencies, ensuring that you stay alert at all times whenever the situation arises.

If you want to tune into the Military Aircraft Band for example, you can do as Radioshack’s scanner will connect to the required 225-380MHz frequency with the press of a button.


Other RadioShack PRO-652 specs for the Desktop Radio Scanner include a total capacity of 39,000 objects via V-scanner memory, 1800 objects in main memory and Digital Trunking Technology with a telescopic idea.

This cool little box used to cost $399.99, but we can see that Radioshack are now offering it on their website for just $349.99 which includes free shipping.

You can check out the full list of specs for this Desktop Radio Scanner through Radioshack’s website here. Let us know if you are interested in Desktop Radio Scanners and if this particular model is what you are looking for.



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