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iOS 8.1 battery drain since update

Apple may have pushed out their iOS 8.1 update with Apple Pay, but the biggest talking point once again appears to be iOS 8.1 battery drain problems. Users have been flocking to the Apple forums, complaining about significant drains after updating to Apple’s latest software on their iPad.

Within the last week, we have seen problems mount from iPad owners and also iPhone 6 users who say they have lost 10% of battery life per hour without even using the device.

Usually we would say that this is a minor issue and not affecting everyone, but there’s pages of comments here on the Apple forums. There is even a whole contents page full of iOS 8.1 battery drain problems on iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6, so Apple may be forced into a statement if problems escalate.


We’ve been sent a few complaints ourselves from users who tell us that they have been losing their LTE connection sporadically after updating – in areas in which they would usually get an LTE connection.

Obviously it’s not affecting every single iPhone 6 and iPad user but there’s also no hiding away from pages of complaints either, so something isn’t right.

Have you encountered any problems yourself relating to iOS 8.1 battery drain after updating, or is everything fine for you? Is this the reason why you are worried about updating to a new version and will remain on iOS 8?



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