GTA V Steam pre-order date hunted

By Alan Ng - Oct 29, 2014

Now that Rockstar has announced fresh GTA V news on PC, Xbox One and PS4 formats, we’ve noticed that gamers have now decided that they want to order the game on PC this week. However, as far as we’re aware Rockstar has still not announced a GTA V Steam pre-order date meaning that PC owners can’t get the game just yet.

GTA V is on course for a release on PC on November 18. It’s a bit surprising that orders have still not opened, so we can only presume that they are organising this with Valve at the moment and orders will be going live next week at the latest.

Rockstar announced a lot of bonuses for ‘returning’ players on PS3 and Xbox 360 but we should remind you that all of the content included here is coming to PC as well – including the Kraken Sub, new Blimp and the Hatchet and Railgun weapons.


Having said that, the official Steam listing for the game still lists a ‘Early 2015’ release and there’s no sign of an exact date on when you can pre-order. You can already order the game from the likes of Amazon and GameStop but for some reason Steam orders are not live yet.

Has there been a problem behind the scenes, or do Rockstar just not want to make Steam orders available on purpose? Hopefully we’ll bring you an update on this situation soon.

Are you waiting to order the game on Steam or have you already ordered the PC version elsewhere?

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  • Zalgo

    Gta v pc will release jan 15th..moved up from the 27th that was announced a month or two before, but I still am holding out for steam..if not I’ll get it elsewhere

    • Nathen Hoard

      No. GT A V never had a release date of January 15. It’s always been the 27th. That was also reaffirmed by Rockstar this week.

  • Adolf Hitler

    GTA V for Next-Gen will release on November 18,2014.
    BUT….GTA V for PC will release on Early 2015

    • Nathen Hoard

      No. Be more specific. It’s january 27. Don’t say early 2015 when we have had an exact date for months. Also. It’s “New Gen” or “Current Gen” when referring to PS4 and xbox one. There’s no such thing as next gen yet.

      • Viktor Kateliev

        i clicked your account and i think you troll too much dude