GTA V Online servers down with maintenance error

Grand Theft Auto V online is down today on PS3 and Xbox 360, which is thanks to a maintenance error clearly displayed on the official Rockstar website. This message details GTA V is down right now on all platforms along with the Social Club that’s in planned maintenance starting just over an hour ago.

The October 29th maintenance for GTA V servers will be in preparation for launching on PS4 and Xbox One. Rockstar made it clear they’re carrying out this maintenance for over 7 hours, and after this service has been performed it should ready the servers for next-gen consoles.


You can see a screenshot from the GTA V online status page above, which reveals everything is down for the consoles and social platform. As normal, Rockstar has said sorry for the inconvenience but makes it clear this work needs to be carried out.

How do you feel about this long downtime with GTA V Online today? Were you planning to play today, or are you happy to see this work being carried out for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC release?



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