Destiny The Dark Below DLC PS4 Vs Xbox One

By Alan Ng - Oct 29, 2014

The moment is finally over for Destiny players now, as Bungie has just gone live with the Destiny The Dark Below DLC release date. Just to remind you, this content is also going to have an impact on the exclusive content that Bungie announced for PlayStation and it may upset one or two Xbox players out there.

This was always to be expected though, given Sony made a huge deal of the fact that they had secured exclusive content for PlayStation of a AAA game published by Activision – who just so happens to be in the middle of another exclusive contract with Microsoft for Call of Duty.

We can now tell you though that the official Destiny The Dark Below expansion release date will be on on December 9. We can remind you of the price too as it will cost $20 or £20 – alternatively it’s free if you already bought the $35 Destiny pass.


Bungie has now revealed what the The Dark Below content will include and for PS3 and PS4 gamers, there will be one extra strike mission included in the package.

This strike mission is going to be called The Undying Mind, which takes place in the Black Garden and it’s one of three co-op missions that will arrive with The Dark Below. Another massive arrival is that Destiny level cap raised to 32 will also take effect on December 9 so make sure you make suitable preparations for that.

Is the addition of one extra strike mission on PS4 a big deal for Xbox One players though? As far as we’re aware, it is timed-exclusive content anyway lasting for a year, rather than a permanent exclusive.

For now, Bungie is keeping details on The Undying Mind a secret. Let us know if you plan to buy the first expansion for Destiny and how important this exclusive strike mission is to you, depending on if you are playing on PlayStation or Xbox.

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  • John Doe

    Xbox Live is total garbage anyways.

  • Circuit8

    The worst thing is that us xbox players who bought the pass were not made aware of future exclusive content in the DLC. We paid as much as sony players, yet NOW we find out there is more missing. For a whole year.

    • John Doe

      Microsoft gives you less games than Sony’s PS+, locks party chat and “free to plays” behind a paywall, and charges you more for Xbox Live crappy service with hacked accounts. Microsoft rips you off for 10 years and is still ripping you off yet I don’t see Xbox fanboys saying anything about that.

  • Hamburgers

    This game is the fail of this generation.
    Filthy swindlers.

  • Jonathan George Anaya

    RIP OFF!!!!!

    Since when was shooting into a Cave for hours on end is considered fun? All that for Designer Capes that AREN’T for your current class?