Xbox Deals with Gold November games with surprise

By Alan Ng - Oct 28, 2014

While everyone is obviously waiting for Microsoft to unveil the Xbox Games with Gold November 2014 update, we can see that Major Nelson has just gone live with the Xbox Deals with Gold November games list instead.

We told you in our last report that the Games with Gold list should be unveiled on Thursday October 30. While that prediction is still looking likely, now you can take a look at the discounts which will be available to you starting from Halloween and lasting until early November.

The big inclusion is discounts for Titanfall on Xbox One and GTA V for Xbox 360. Microsoft has shown the generosity to the fullest here, as GTA V is going to be 50% from October 31 to November 3.


Even better, Titanfall is also going to be 50% off which is pretty amazing considering that the game only launched back in March this year – that’s only half a year later but already half price.

Xbox 360 owners will also want to know that the recently confirmed GTA San Andreas remaster is 75% off until November 10. It features 720p graphics and also new achievements to unlock according to Rockstar.

The full list of deals is available at Major Nelson’s website. Let us know your thoughts on the 50% discounts to GTA V and somewhat surprising half price discount for Titanfall so early.

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  • Darklurkr23

    I jumped on the Season Pass for 8. I mean I won the 1st dlc already, bu still 8 bucks for 6 maps that’s not too bad.

  • A Spot

    A digital copy of Titanfall should have been $25 to begin with. Its already only half of a game, now its closer to 1/4..

  • Spike Dean Chapman

    Doesn’t impress me in the slightest, a game I’m not interested in for half price… big woop.

  • I think I will be picking up Titanfall and the season pass at that price. Owned the game before but traded it in, with all the new content it seems like a good time to journey back for a week or so. I’m also all over that $4 San Andreas.

    • jonezora

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      • Dan

        Shut the hell up

        • NgTurbo

          Deleted the spam, thanks for taking the words out of my mouth.

        • JoNnY

          Wow Somone needs to learn, but that Titanfall price drop is what I’ve been eating for to get it

    • NgTurbo

      Yes, it really is a great deal.