PSN sign in problems, down with maintenance error

By Daniel Chubb - Oct 28, 2014

There’s a number of PSN sign in problems today that come with certain under maintenance error codes. If you try to login to PSN, it might seem down today with 8002A220, 8071053D, and other PS4 or PS3 error codes.

This is the message we have received from Product Reviews readers and with “PSN down” status reports on Twitter, or report sites like Down Today. One of our readers said moments ago, “I just got a message that an error has occurred, you have been signed out of PSN”. Another added, “I got the error 8002A22 after not being able to sign-in to PlayStation Network”.

PSN sign in problems with maintenance error

After looking at the PSN status page, it looks like there’s no scheduled maintenance today. So, we’d expect the current problems are related to too many connections or demand. This is happening on the same day of a few major firmware updates, which include PS4 2.0 and PS Vita 3.35 updates.

Is PSN down for you right now and if so, did you receive a particular error code? Leave a comment below with any codes, or sign in messages you received.

Sony hasn’t confirmed the current issues and we’ve reached out for comment. You can see a few tweets above within the last couple of minutes, which reveal the frustration currently being felt.

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  • MiSTaH SoOSoO

    I cant even logging into my psn account.. code error.. ” The connection to tue server has been lost ” (NW-31194-8)

  • JJ

    It cut me of of advanced warfare and it haven’t been lettin sign into pen cause apparently the sever is terminated

  • Amanda

    4 days I haven’t been able to log onto to ky PSN. Just bought a ps4 and still havent been online yet!!

    Not bloody happy

  • Bryan

    Hey josh, do you know what the word empiricism means?

  • William Anthony Richardson

    10/30/14 same error code (nw-31194-8) I’m in Arizona…

  • kriswithaque

    I swear its the FFXIV ARR PS4 users who are just getting home from work on the day of a new patch to find this

  • Minifig753 (PSN)

    Same problems as everyone else here, no PSN for me… Been down for a couple days, now…

    And before Josh101 comes along and does his irritating “ur a troll top kek” thing that he appears to be doing, I have got a PSN account. I have had the same UN since 2011. Minifig753.

    Time to go back to reading my books, methinks.

    • Josh101

      Interesting. Your “PSN account” doesn’t show up. So you are lying 🙂 You know we can google your PSN account right? There’s no record of your account on psn profiles .com. So, yeah, you are a troll. 🙂

      • Minifig753 (PSN)

        A lot of PSN profiles are hosted, oh my, on the PSN! Who would have guessed! And seeing that the PSN is down, oh my, I would never have figured this, that you can’t view some of the accounts! What frivolity, oh my! PSN profiles doesn’t work either with many accounts, because guess what, it uses information obtained from- oh, wait. The PSN! Oh, oh my!

        Seriously. You appear here and begin to attack people based on their desire to collaborate opinions that, oddly enough, seem to all fall in roughly the same direction. This is verging on cyber bullying, if not it is definitely harrassive behaviour. People like you aren’t what people want when they go search for a post regarding the up/down of a particular host or server. You and your attitude on almost every post here is detrimental to what people come here to gain. It would be like me running into a greengrocers and calling everyone a liar when they said they ran out of tomatoes, despite everyone who had been into the shop had already told people they had ran out of tomatoes. It’s not useful. At all.

        And as with what was said by Chris, google doesn’t prove I’m a person. Just because a site (that currently isn’t functioning fully because the servers it relies on for it’s information are down) said I’m not real it doesn’t mean I am not.
        I can access my own account through the PSN website, for christs sake. I can see all my trophies and all my games. All 899 of my trophies (that have been synced).
        So stop heckling people and go and live your own life, Josh. Please continue your sad existence and don’t inflict us with your pathetic false accusations.



        • Josh101

          All of the accounts are on PSN. All can be searched on PSN. All can be searched on Google, regardless of if the PSN is down or not. You can GOOOGLE ACCOUNT NAMES. Which has nothing to do with PSN. Long winded post, just to be proven wrong. The PSN is not down at the moment and guess what, your fake account still doesn’t show up. Which the only record of your “PSN account” is on this website. 🙂 Good try though

        • Minifig753 (PSN)

          Interesting, seeing as I just PM’d you from my “fake” account. Go check out my trophies (I logged into the wrong account, I’ve got one with nearly 900 and one with nearly 450. Anyway. It’s real, boy.)

  • xrusss

    Ps4 why I was playing about 10 minutes ago, restarted console and now error CE-33992-6. Hopefully it’ll be fixed after work

  • Noble

    Same problem in Texas. I’m not mad, And I think it’s relatively normal to have problems like this. Don’t get your panties in a bundle. Read a book, go outside, plant a tree. It’ll be back on soon

  • AkuuMB

    Sick and tired of ps4 servers, it’s a paid service with no compensation when they deny you access. Nw-31194-8

    • Josh101

      What were you trying to download? That’s not a error that states the PSN connectivity, rather, a issue downloading a game. Most common issue being, your HDD doesn’t have enough space for the full download. 🙂

  • Josh101

    Hmm, a comment section filled with 1st time posters and anonymous posters. Something tells me we have A TON of trolls here. Anything to latch onto eh? I’m having no problems here in Peoria Illinois.

  • Tat2 baker

    This is taking the piss now its ALL the time now wouldn’t mind if it was every now and again but its not should of got XBOX ONE or gone to PC doesnt happen to them nearly every day WTF do we pay for anyway never?! online lol

    • Josh101

      Holy crap. There is literally NO WAY every person in here, blowing this way out of proportion is an actual PS4 user. What’s your PSN kid? I call MS Damage control in OVERDRIVE right now.

  • #joey-samurai

    Cannot connect to server
    What a load a dung, from Northern Ireland

  • AnotherView

    Battling the whole night and now can’t connect at all. PSN should be giving us credit for all the days they’re down lately!

    • Josh101

      No, they really shouldn’t. Troll…. For “days” is an extreme dramatization.

      • AnotherView

        Three days in the past week. If they’re not providing the service they charge for they should reimburse their customers. You’re obviously a little slow, so I won’t bother explaining what a troll is to you. I’m a frustrated customer, and I have every right to complain.

        • Josh101

          The PSN has not been down 3 times in the past week. You are a troll account, meant to spread misinformation. What’s your PSN kid?

        • Joshua Stinger

          Lord_Pyre and I’ve had it down 3 times in the last 5 days. What’s your PSN kid, since you seem to think everyone here is a troll?

        • Minifig753 (PSN)

          I can confirm this is true, whether or not it’s on the same days I have no idea. I have not been able to connect to PSN for the past two days, and another day last week too. This is really grating on me now ._.

        • Josh101

          Interesting. Your “PSN account” doesn’t show up. So you are lying 🙂 You know we can google your PSN account right? There’s no record of your account on psn profiles .com. So, yeah, you are a troll. 🙂 Not even a SINGLE trophy under your fake name. You mean to tell me in 3 years, you haven’t earned one trophy? Heh, no. You are a troll. 🙂

        • AnotherView

          Well, I’m back up now. Happy days!

        • Josh101

          Yup. Sure.. Still won’t reveal your PSN ID eh? You know I can search it and prove you don’t even have a PS4 or PSN account. 🙂

        • AnotherView

          LukenessSA – I dare you to apologize and admit that you’re the only troll here.

        • Josh101

          Nope, no apology. Your account doesn’t show up either and the PSN is not down right now 🙂

        • MissMayhem528

          Josh101 you are a moron. I searched for all of their names and found every single one. Maybe you should figure out how to use a computer.

        • Josh101

          Really.. Kind of like this. https://www. google. com/search?q=LukenessSA+Playstation+network+account&…4828.10063.0.10250.….0…1ac.1.34.heirloom-serp..26.4.906.znFaE6VMGh8
          I guess I’m a moron when Google doesn’t show anything eh? Of course you have to get ride of the spaces I had to put in there to post on this site.

        • MissMayhem528

          You’re a moron for using Google. I google my PSN name and I find nothing related to PSN. Then I look it up on psnprofiles and wow it does exist. So yes you are a moron.

        • Josh101

          Very interesting, any of my friends accounts I can find easily with a Google search. All of their PSN profiles show up. Which my PSN profile shows up immediately as well. I find it odd that yours doesn’t. I also find it extremely odd that Lord_Pyre, Minifig753 or LukenessSA don’t show up either. Not a single stat shows. But myself and everyone else I have searched, do show up on PSN profiles as well as Google.. You don’t find it in the the LEAST bit odd that on an article about the PSN being down, there are nothing but brand new accounts and ghost accounts like yours with complaints about the service being down? Not to mention saying it’s been down 3 times in the past 5 days when the internet would have blown up if it went down 3 times in one week. Which it hasn’t and there are no reports of the same.

        • AnotherView

          I find it interesting that you refuse to use psnprofiles. You are clearly to stupid or pigheaded to do things properly and just admit that you are talking hogwash. You could also just search on your PS4 in your mom’s basement … Carry on ignoring the hundreds of reports of it being down and pretend that you actually make sense. You are nothing but a pathetic troll trying to piss people off. Lame loser.

        • Josh101

          Heh, in my “mom’s basement.” Insinuating that I live at home with the trope of “Fat lazy pimple infested man, living in mommies basement.” No, not at all you bigot. That said, doesn’t change the fact that there is an abundance of first time posters and ghost accounts exclaiming their PSN is down for them. All with varying error codes, some that means you need to update. Also the complaint about it being down 3 times in 5 days. That would be headline gaming news if it were true.

        • William Anthony Richardson

          Again, you’re such an idiot

        • AnotherView

          I think you need a little help learning how to use a web browser.

        • Josh101

          Nope my browsing skills are pretty honed. Seeing that you still don’t show up.

          https://www. google. com/search?q=LukenessSA+Playstation+network+account&…4828.10063.0.10250.….0…1ac.1.34.heirloom-serp..26.4.906.znFaE6VMGh8

          Of course you need to take the spaces out of that link. 🙂

        • Minifig753 (PSN)

          I have earned a few hundred, actually, but there’s such a thing called “privacy settings.” Now, if you had PSN working on you console then you’d be able to see this within literally… Let me check. From turning on, it takes about 10 buttons (plus your password) to find out. Not a troll. Go home, boy.

        • William Anthony Richardson

          Your an idiot

        • Josh101

          It’s “you’re” as in “you are.” Ya dumb fu.k… 🙂

        • Josh101

          Ooh interesting. Your “PSN ID” doesn’t show up on psnprofiles. com. So no, you are a troll. My PSN is Old_poptarts and I show up immediately in Google search. 🙂 Nice try though.

        • Minifig753 (PSN)

          There’s two answers to this; a) there are issues with trophies that have occured before (nov/dec 2013 I had the same issue, along with many other users.) or b) he has them set to private (which I believe is possible, though I’ll admit I’m not wholly sure.).

          And while the PSN is currently down, reported dead by many users, it could be that, I don’t know, you can’t access all of the PSN profiles because guess where they’re likely hosted?

        • Josh101

          Hmm interesting, the PSN is NOT down at the moment and what I say still rings true. Along with your account as well. 🙂

        • Minifig753 (PSN)

          http:// card. psnprofiles. com/ 1/ minifig753 .png
          Hmm, interesting, now I can log into PSN again things have started working. I am not a liar, you pathetic little boy.

        • AnotherView

          We are not all on the same servers. Some of us live in different countries. I love my PS4, I just want to be able to play!

        • Josh101

          Mhm….What’s your PSN account?

  • nathan

    CE-34861-2 psn down again why do we pay for this crap

  • sadbutnotmad

    my fiends who live literally down the street are on right now with no problem, im sitting here unable to start any game staring at a party chat error message. i honestly regret buying this system

    • go to xbox then you dumb child,no one cares about your opinion

  • do it

    just saying class action lawsuit if you opt-d out of the no sue policy

  • Michael grigg

    Absolute joke wish i had never bought a ps4 worse console i have ever owned and i have several friends who think the same

    • Josh101

      Yeah, troll account with this being your very first post. Highly unlikely. 🙂 Scuttle along little fella.

      • William Anthony Richardson

        You are a f…cking idiot

        • Josh101


  • boogie in ya butt

    Guess ill just watch some pron and fap all day

    • Noble

      I love watching pron too!

  • Phill

    Ce-33987-0 cannot connect within time limit

  • Sean Burgess

    Cannot connect to the server.

    • Josh101

      Another first time poster, most likely a troll. Move along, nothing to see here. 🙂

  • jeremy


  • Simon

    My error code is nw-31201-7 in the uk

    • Josh101

      Holy moly, ANOTHER brand new account posting. This is interesting!! Move along, nothing to see here.

    • Minifig753 (PSN)

      Same code here, chap

  • James macdonald

    Cant log in to psn sucks

    • Josh101

      Ok, absolutely ridiculous. ANOTHER troll account.

  • Chris

    Nw-31194-8 error code

    • dumass


    • Josh101

      Another 1st time poster. This can’t be coincidence. Troll accounts popping up left and right.

      • Chris

        Thanks Josh101 that was both wonderfully welcoming and not making any assumptions in any way.
        Actually I got my code wrong I am getting CE-31194-8 which would imply my location. In any instance this is not the first time this has happened in the last couple of months. What is interesting is that my partner is sitting in the next room using the same internet connection and he can log on fine. I understand that errors will happen but it does feel a little erratic and random.

        • Josh101

          Yup, you are a troll account. What’s your PSN?

        • I can’t join your game right now Josh my PSN is down.

        • Josh101

          You don’t have to. My point is you don’t have a PSN profile. What is it? So everyone can google your name and see if you actually have a PSN account. 🙂

        • Josh people don’t need to google me to prove I am a real person. I am sharing information on a reported problem on an open forum. I am not attacking the company or anyone associated with Sony. I am not a fan boy getting a kick in while my alleged “enemy” is having a a low five minutes. I came across this site at a point of genuine frustration and wanted to confirm I was not on my own in the problems I was having. Having done so I attempted to build into that information by providing the information I had only to come under fire from someone who (by looking at your comments on this thread alone) is engaging in a form of counter cyber bullying which has missed the irony that what he/she is doing is actually the very thing they are accusing other people of.
          I have said my piece and I have provided what information I have. I am sorry that you feel the way you do about new posters Josh and I hope that you are able to work through that in time. In the mean time try to have fun out there, enjoy the community that you are engaged with and try to make friends instead of assuming a position of conflict.
          All the best

        • Josh101

          Yes they do have to google you to prove if you actually have a Playstation network account. How are you going to post that it’s down, when you can’t even prove that you have an account? Cyber-bullying heh.

        • William Anthony Richardson

          Who the f…ck are you to ask for every bodys account info.. suck a d…ck b..tch

        • Josh101


  • ayush

    Connection with the sever is terminated

  • Ra1nman12

    So is this playstion getting hacked again?? 😐

  • RyGuy

    Initially error code 80710092 (15:20 EST), then 8071053D (15:27 EST). Login successful 15:29, Ann Arbor, MI

  • Anto McAllister

    Nw-31194-8 error code

    • Josh101

      Troll account, move along.

  • Ballistic recon

    The connection to the server has been lost. (NW-31194-8)

    • flonkin


  • Smke_1

    An error has occurred. You have been signed out of PSN. (8071053D)

  • nate

    Tried logging in several times. Sometimes I got a maintenance message, other times I got an error.

  • Nadir

    Can’t sign in with error code 80710092. It isn’t listed other places. Oh well. Offline gaming won’t kill me for a day.

  • haydn

    Error code 80710102

  • gaz

    I was watching a movie from the store then it cut off with a message saying network errors. Went to go back in to store to be greeted with error 8200013A. I can’t even play Destiny or Battlefield

  • tns89

    My error code is E-820001F7

  • Sean Russell

    I got an error code of 80710092

    • Josh101

      Troll account. Move along people, nothing to see here.

    • Josh101

      Troll account…Nothing to see here people, move along to the anonymous trolls here.

  • tns89

    I was playing fifa 15 and it was a critical match and i was winning then guess what ? I was kicked off the game due to an error then i tried to log in to the store but it said its under maintance. That is very annoying !

  • Banter

    School? lol what an iccle munchkin

  • Rick

    What a joke, all happening during my week off school as well.

    • Teach

      Snap! I’d better mark some books instead

      • Memyselfandi

        Not a huge deal psn being down but why are there locks on games I own? Can’t even play offline. And I pay extra for Netflix but unable to access this as well. WTF ?

        • Josh101

          Mr./Mrs. first time troll poster. The only way that would happen is if you weren’t logged into your primary account or don’t have your PS4 set to “Primary console.” You don’t own a PS4, so you wouldn’t know this.