PS4 update 2.0 is live

By Alan Ng - Oct 28, 2014

We knew that the update could be arriving during the early hours of Tuesday morning, but now we can see that the PS4 update 2.0 is now live in US, UK and Asia.

The PS4 2.0 update is ready to download now as you can see in our images below. We have just downloaded the update minutes ago and we can see that SharePlay is now available as an option when interacting with a friend.

The glorious arrival of PS4 Themes is finally here as well. Head to settings to change your background and also head to the Store to download your free Destiny and COD: Advanced Warfare theme – on Sony as a free gift.


You’ll need to acquire a USB stick first if you want to enjoy the USB Music Player feature, but YouTube doesn’t appear to be live for us yet, so that may come later on in a separate Store update – dependant on region of course.

The update didn’t take us long to install at all, so hopefully you won’t be experiencing any PS4 update 2.0 download problems as we sometimes here with previous updates.

Let us know if the software is also live in your area and your immediate reaction to the new features. Is SharePlay a game-changer for you, in all honesty?

Also, tell us what game you will first try SharePlay on!

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  • Josh101

    “Is SharePlay a game-changer for you, in all honesty? ”
    Is this a serious question? This is revolutionary. How could it not be?? I like sports game, but not enough to buy them. This enables me to play a match or two of Madden with a buddy. As well as show friends games I get that they usually wouldn’t. I’m going to check out a few games with this feature and let friends play games they normally wouldn’t.

  • Adam McBride

    I cant use usb for music(it doesnt show up) and cant connect to destiny anymore. neve Had prob til now

    • artemisthemp

      Did you connect a USB flash drive with music on to the PS4?

    • shoobzy

      the usb has to be FAT32 Format so that the PS4 can recognize it

  • David

    Same problem with me

  • Dametalmilitia

    It’s great. Downloaded. Installed. Now it doesn’t connect to psn. After resetting router and ps4. Great

    • Aidan Orlando Stevens

      They would be updating ps store.. Ps plus goes down when the store gets updated..