No iPod touch 6th generation, Apple ignorance say users

By Peter Chubb - Oct 28, 2014

Even though the iPod touch is not as popular a device as other Apple products, diehard fans were still upset that they never got to see a new 6th generation model earlier this month. You can understand Apple in one respect that the customer base is just not big enough to worry about at this time, as the iPhone and iPad were more important, but seeing them launch new services, such as Apple Pay shows an ignorance say current users.

We have seen in the past that consumers do not mind jumping ship when they feel as though there is a lack of support for a certain product, and we have to wonder if this will soon be the case with Apple, as not releasing an iPod touch 6th generation will be a blow to people who do not care for using their smartphones to listen to music, watch videos or play games?

No iPod touch 6g is Apple ignorance

Product-reviews readers have been very vocal about this very subject, and we could tell during the iPad event earlier this month that consumers were more upset about the iPod touch 6G being MIA over the Apple TV 4G. Many touch users were happy two years ago when the model was updated with a larger screen and improved camera, and with specs now showing signs of age, the 6th-generation model was very much expected.

The problem is, iOS 8 seems to demand more from a processor, and we have already seen current iPod touch 5G owners experience a slowdown in performance since updating to iOS 8. Apple must have known this model would suffer, although they still refuse to give consumers what they want.

There seems to be a general consensus that an iPod touch 6th-gen would have been the ideal device for those that do not wish to overspend on an iOS device, when it is not needed, and with Apple ignoring demands many people have already started to jump ship and look to alternatives.

A sign of things to come – There has also been upset in the lack of new iPod Classic models, and the news that Tim Cook confirmed the model has been discontinued did not go down well with some consumers, especially now they fear the iPod touch could be next. We know the Classic was already not showing up on the Apple Store, but with Cook updating us on the situation, it does put a final nail in its coffin.

Having patience – Maybe Apple is not being ignorant and is just biding their time because the iPod touch 6G would no doubt use the same screen as the iPhone 6 and possibly the 6 Plus, and would struggle to produce enough displays to fulfill both devices. Who knows, maybe Apple could release a new touch early next year at the same time as its Watch device, although if one is released next year you may have to wait until the launch of the iPhone 6S, which would not go down well with consumers?

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  • Liam Diviney

    It’s out now 🙂

  • Cauy

    I don’t get why they would discontinue it! Not everyone can/wants to spend all their money on an iPhone!

    • Liam Diviney

      they didn’t 🙂 iPod 6 has been released! 😀

  • aklfhsl

    Eat some poo

    • tiger


  • aklfhsl

    YO yo yo

  • Bob

    I think that their is a possibility that the touch might discontinue because its supposed to be a media player to start you off before you get the iPhone but now it’s going to stop. We will never know until the future or when they release an official update about the iPod touch series. Don’t believe anybody until the official announcement comes out.

    • Lane Crouch

      Why do you think Apple would discontinue the iPod touch? There are a lot of people who want the power of iOS in a phone-sized device without having to pay for a data plan. Apple knows this. Discontinuing the iPod touch would lead to mass outrage.

      • maaen

        Not only outrage but a loss of face in the world of new tech developments and evolution of ongoing product types….people talk of the iPhone being able to take the customers under its wing ….that can never happen amongst a whole chunk of humans …entertainment devices for a lot of people are best kept separate….there are many type of human beings and there is an ongoing and growing market for good products ….if a product is well made then it will sell…..and the ipod touch is basically a wonderful product but in need of TLC and re appraisal in design …It should have been attended to about four years ago but Apple thought that the world would accept whatever it made…. but it had to rethink the whole idea of the phone as well …size wise….WELL…the same applies to the IPOD TOUCH…. It needs to be re considered to allow for many new needs….and there is a gaping hole somewhere between the mini ipad and the ipod touch 5 which needs to be filled in a proper way …. without forcing the iPhone down people’s throats and I think that is what Apple have to consider more than anything….but they should also retain the current ipod size or make it just a little bit larger such as the iPhone 6…but the need for a baby ipad is just as important ….a 6 inch pocketable and purse friendly baby ipad will possibly be the next amazing device from Apple….and as far as a watch is concerned ….a lanyard hanging wafer thin watch will also do many million miles into the future and the future phone will also be something related to an idea like that along with the headphones.

      • iOSX

        There wouldn’t be mass outrage. The iPod Touch was cool in 2008-2011 when not everyone had AT&T or could afford an iPhone. Most people have moved onto the iPhone or iPad. iPod touch sales were only 6 million last holiday season and are predicted to be only 3 million this year. The ship has sailed, and it’s time to let it go.

    • Liam Diviney

      the iPod 6 is out now 😀