Marvel Avengers Alliance Spec Op 22 Task List

By Alan Ng - Oct 30, 2014

We have some exciting news for Marvel Avengers Alliance players on Facebook now. A new Spec Ops is live, meaning that the Avengers Alliance Halloween update has arrived with Blade. We now have an heads-up for the crucial Avengers Alliance Spec Ops 22 task list that most of you will want to know.

We knew that Blade was coming to the game and now it’s great to actually see him live in the game with Playdom’s surprise update before Halloween.

Along with the opportunity to unlock Blade by completing the Spec Op 22 quest list, you can also unlock Morbius as well – although details on how to unlock him are a secret at the moment.


We are waiting for the full task list to go live, but we can already see that the first three missions are 1) Defeat Vampires and Demons, 2) Complete flight deck missions and 3) Defeat Grey Gargoyle mini-boss.

We can also tell you that the demons can be defeated in regular story mode, Chapter 6-4 has a three demon low-threat that you may want to choose. The Avengers Alliance Spec Op 22 heroes required for the Epic Boss are also revealed as Gorgon, Nico Minoru and Medusa.

Once the full task list is live, we will update this but for now let us know your progress so far in the comments and any tasks that you can help to fill in.

What are your first impressions of Blade, have you figured out how to unlock Morbius yet?


Here is the complete Task List

Eternal Nocturne – 1 of 26

1.Defeat 3 demons and 3 vampires
2.Complete 2 Flight Deck Missions
3.Defeat Grey Gargoyle
4. Defeat Morbius
5. Collect 20 Unstable Iso-8
6. Research the Hallowed Flame Grenade
7. Use 3 Hallowed Flame Grenades during combat
8. Complete 2 Deploys
9. Get 2 Stars of Mastery in Mission 1
10. Fight 5 PVP Battles
11. Research the Grimoire of the Legion
12. Use the Grimoire of the Legion in combat 3 times
13. Defeat a Miniboss in Mission 2
14. Defeat a Boss in Mission 2
15. Get 2 Stars of Mastery in Mission 2
16. Research the Sanctification of Flesh
17. Use 3 Sanctification of Flesh scrolls in combat
18. Win 3 PVP Battles
19. Release Black Knight, Captain Britain and Union Jack from Dracula’s glamor by defeating them in combat or defeating Dracula in Mission 3 with Strike Team: Lamia.
20. Release Scarlet Witch, Human Torch and Deadpool from their torment by defeating them in combat in Mission 3 with Strike Team: Expurgo.
21. Recover all allies from Mission 2 and Mission 3.
22. Retrieve the items request by Dr. Strange. The Darkhold is found by completing the London missions and the Demon Skulls are found the New York missions, in fights involving demons.
23.Use Blade in Combat, Use Blade’s “Bleeding Edge” 3 Times, Use Blade’s “Bloodlust” 2 Times
24. Get 3 Stars of Mastery in Missions 1, 2 and 3
25. Protect Dr. Strange while he performs the ritual to break the spell in the Dracula and Mephisto boss fight in Mission 4
26. Defeat The Hood, Epic Boss on Mission 1.

Blood Work – 1 of 6

1. Defeat The Hood
2. Use Morbius in Combat
3. Collect 20 Regenerative Ooze (from deploys)
4 Use Morbius’s “Fly By Night” 3 Times, Use Morbius’s “Mesmerize” 3 Times, Use Morbius’s “I Hunger” 3 Times
5. Defeat 10 Vampire and Demon Mini-boss Packs
6. Complete the Morbius Sim Challenge in the S.H.I.E.L.D. Simulator


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  • Богдан Горанов

    I am fine with it, i like the idea of recruiting Blade, but i dont have enough CP for Niko, Gorgon and Medusa. Sorry, i still recover after Ka-Zar. I Farmed a lot to got it and i would not bother if it was not for hank Pym

  • Matulah the Damned Knight

    Nico, Medusa AND Gorgon? Right.

  • Tom Jones

    Don’t give a crap about Blade. I want Morbius! Wish Blade was the one we had to do all the retarded gold fishing tasks to get… it looks like Morbius will elude me 🙁 I don’t care about Blade enough to bother with the Spec Ops tasks.

    • NgTurbo

      Really? I thought Blade was the one that everyone wanted since launch. He will be fairly easy to obtain, Morbius will be the tougher should go for it.

      • Tom Jones

        I never cared for Blade.He’d more than likely be easy to get, but I just don’t care enough to work for him.
        Morbius is awesome. I’ve liked him since the ’90s (early ’90s). I would go for him, but I was working on the first task and I need to beat the epic boss. Ok, fine. Oh no, I have to recruit Gorgon… well, I have barely enough to get him to send him on a deploy. Oh wait, now I need Medusa… another 90 CPs… can’t do it. I will definitely not get them in time and no, I’m not giving Playdom anymore money.

    • jonezora

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