Free PS4 Themes download thanks to Sony

By Alan Ng - Oct 28, 2014

Just in case you thought SharePlay was the most exciting aspect of PS4 update 2.0, we are here to remind you that Sony has one last surprise in store. We can confirm that once the new PS4 2.0 firmware update is available, Sony will also be offering two free PS4 themes to download as well as their way of saying thanks.

Nobody expected Sony to offer this kind of generosity and this piece of PS4 news seems to have gone under the radar with everyone fixated on SharePlay, YouTube and the USB Music Player features instead.

Sony has confirmed it though on their Blog, with the following statement revealed in the PS4 2.0 update notes preview:

“As a big thank-you to the PlayStation Nation, we want to kick-start your dynamic theme options by giving away a theme for two of the biggest titles gamers will be playing on PlayStation 4 this fall; Destiny and Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Both themes will be available for download on Tuesday.”


We’re not sure about you, but that is fantastic news. We fully expected PS4 themes for Destiny and COD Advanced Warfare to cost money, especially given the fact that we’ve seen plenty of comments online from gamers who are willing to pay for PS4 Themes.

After all, PS3 themes cost $2.99 and we expect Sony to take full advantage of this after 2.0 is out with Themes that you’ll need to pay for. It will be interesting to see how detailed these free PS4 dynamic Themes are considering that Sony are giving them away for nothing, but either way we don’t think anyone will be complaining.

The question is, which Theme is going to take your preference – Destiny or Call of Duty Advanced Warfare? It’s easy to miss Sony’s generosity but in reality this could be $5 worth of free Themes that you are getting.

How do you feel, PlayStation Nation?

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  • Natalie

    Got to the Store > Games > Themes. If they’re not there, contact Playstation support 🙂

  • coolguyhero

    i also can’t see ps store under theme settings for dynamic themes.i heard on some places the theme created issues.may be some bug they are working on it & hope they will fix it soon.

    • coolguyhero

      well i found the solution.the ppl who can’t see the themes like me .please follow these steps.if you have us account then login with it go to settings themes & ps store download all the themes & login with your psn account.whola all the themes are installed.

  • DannyBhoyy95

    underwent the update nearly 24 hours ago and still no themes for Aussie gamers…
    Still no driveclub ps plus version and despite the server issues that happen with just about every update on both the 3 and 4 they still continue to happen every time. Where on earth is the playstation plus subscription fee going? Certainly not to server stabilization.

  • Davegsmith34

    Well its Wednesday and they aint available. False report there.

  • Kristján Ernir Rúnarsson

    The PS Store must have suffered a major traffic overflow, i got a service error.
    It was after i got my update, chose a new color and fixed my wi/fi and got on PSN no problem but Playstation store gave me a maintenance error which means there are issues on part of their end.

  • Ronnie B

    I just want to use my pictures as themes. WTF!

    • Jordan

      With people streaming theres all that copyright jibber jabber around people showing unauthorised images; I doubt you’ll see that anytime soon. Maybe they can block recording on PS4 for the main UI if you use a custom background that should allow that. But then again how can they sell you themes for a dollar then? Business.

  • Zelenar

    store has not updated as always.

    • kristian mckenzie

      i see youtube.. but not the destiny or cod dynamic themes

      • evilfangs .

        Yea it took a while for Youtube to update on my console. Maybe the same for the themes or we might have to wait for full PS store update tomorrow?

  • Roar Sørli

    if im not mistaken the new Themes COD and DESTINY will be from ps store or something. but the store has not been updated yet

  • Kieran Hammerton

    Go to settings>system storage>themes then click on the only theme then you should see different colours,just select 1

    • Danzo

      Good man… 🙂

      • coolguyhero

        that is default i want the ps store theme & in the theme section i can see ps store.may be it is still not updated for us.

        • Danzo

          I have a us account so just downloaded all then brought them over to my uk one….

  • TheBusterMan

    Destiny or COD? Pah!

  • Jeffrey

    I have the same problem evilfangs.. can change the colour of my theme but dont see the virtual themes also.. and the YouTube app is missing… so something goes wrong?

    • coolguyhero

      you tube is available but dynamic themes are not.

  • evilfangs .

    I have the new 2.0 update and can change the colour of my theme but I don’t see any of the themes that are shown in 2.0 update videos? Where can I get them.

    Also still no Youtube app?

    • Jerry Hernandez

      Same Bro. I dun see any additional themes

      • evilfangs .

        It seems the update has messed or something for us. My mate is online and got themes and Youtube app and say’s I’m online.

        However when I click test internet connection I get failed to sign into PSN. ( my internet is clearly working ).

        • Jerry Hernandez

          It seems to be the same problem happened to me just now. I think you need to manually restart the console.

        • kristian mckenzie

          im in the UK theres no dynamic themes(destny,cod,) but if you goto the store and go to apps youtube is there

        • Hello

          If you’re in the UK you might have to wait until the store updates tomorrow before you can download the YouTube app or themes.

      • coolguyhero

        i heard the update is messed some places may be because of that we are not geeting the themes.i think they are working on it.

    • Dale Latimer

      I just updated to 2.0 and I’m having the same problem – no Destiny or COD theme!

    • Filip

      Yes you can connect to psn, you just have to wait a little bit and reconnect your wifi/lan

      • evilfangs .

        I have been. I kept getting PSN sign in failed. So I turned my PS4 off, turned my Xbox one on and started watching a movie on my USB.

        • Filip

          Yeah, a friend of mine has the same problem, and now it works but sometimes his connection with psn stops so I hope they’ll fix it.

        • evilfangs .

          Yea I keep getting that. One minute it will sign in to PSN then the next say failed.

    • will0209

      Go on to the ps store, go to search, and search YouTube. The app is there.

      • Kieran Hammerton

        Thanks for this 🙂

      • evilfangs .

        Maybe cause I’m from the UK and our store updates on Wednesday that’s why I can’t get it? I tried searching.

        • Kieran Hammerton

          I’m in the uk and I found it,are you sure you searched it and didn’t go through the apps

        • evilfangs .

          Yea I did both. I’ll try it again later.

        • Bliss Seeker

          Don’t search try and go on apps.

        • evilfangs .

          I have done both. Went on app store and searched for youtube on PS store.

        • Bliss Seeker

          No idea then. I’m in UK as well and just went on PlayStation Store, Apps and there it was.
          Anyway I’m sure it will fix itself.

        • evilfangs .

          It did show up in the end. Shame due to server issues it wouldn’t let me sign in to my Google+ account to link my PS4 with Youtube.

      • coolguyhero

        go to ps store & select app section there you will find youtube & other apps.

    • kzartist

      If you can’t connect turn off the system then back on. I’ve been online ever since.

  • CoD’s Dead Baby, CoD’s Dead

    Free is good. But many themes were free on PS3.
    So, a choice between two. Both sci-fi shooters. One, however, is an imposter that really marks the end of a franchise. It would be too depressing to have a constant reminder that CoD is dead. RIP CoD. It will have to be Destiny for me.

  • John Doe

    Free is great. Sony seems to give more freebies than Microsoft.

    • Robbie S

      Microsoft allow me to use unlimited free themes on my PC. Just saying… Maybe its time we were allowed to choose our own backgrounds from pictures

      • itsmeeee

        lol obviously. theyve got to its pc remember

        • Robbie S

          That’s kinda my point, I mean, doesn’t it seem unfair that you can’t choose your background from any picture you want. Didn’t PS3 let you do that? Monetizing background themes just seems a bit sinister to me