Destiny PS4 down today, server hotfix after update?

By Alan Ng - Oct 28, 2014

We were not expecting any Destiny server maintenance to happen today, but it looks like the PS4 2.0 update which has Just gone live has in-turn caused problems with Destiny on PS4 going down today for everyone as we speak.

At the time of writing, Destiny servers are unavailable in the US and UK again and it looks like it could be a global downtime as well. We’ve had a quick look on Bungie’s Help Twitter page though and there’s no information from Bungie before or after the Destiny servers went down.

A likely explanation for the downtime is that a Destiny PS4 hotfix is being applied, or that Bungie is working on some internal aspects of Destiny so that they play nicely with Sony’s new PS4 system update 2.0 – avoiding incompatibility between the two for instance.


Hopefully it won’t take long for Bungie to fix whatever is causing the problem and you’ll all be able to enjoy the game again soon. Now of course, you’ll be able to record your Destiny gameplay and upload it directly to YouTube on the PS4.

There’s also the world of SharePlay which has now opened up to Destiny players, so this is a game-changing update for all concerned. For now, let us know if you can get into a game right now or if you are having issues like us.

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  • Cmurda816

    Second try worked

  • nitsud803

    Downloading a Destiny update now!

  • Lee Sawyer

    Just sat down ready to chill out for a bit and play destiny. Then see that I have to update to 2.0 before being able to play… Annoying but thought oh well just a little wait…. Only to find out after waiting for the update the whole ps and destiny servers are down… Great update Sony!!

  • Taco

    this is sooo frustrating

  • jacksonldestiny

    I wouldn’t mind the servers being down if it wasn’t during the weekly reset

  • fucjtard

    Attempted to login 62 times.. no an exaggeration. Stoll nothing

  • dale

    how about the dlc for free, or add one free month to ps plus? this is absolutely stupid.

  • oobaka

    Paying money for shitty servers…great stuff

  • Marc Springer

    Now go back and play halo on your Xbox with the other kids while the big boys discuss games

  • Marc Springer

    Its not the PS server silver you dumbass its bungies server

    • fucjtard

      No it’s ps server too

      • Marc Springer

        I haven’t had any problems with the PS server since I upgraded to ps4 I’m sure ps3 have some issues still and I don’t think they’re all that interested in fixing them

  • Anthony Ocasio

    All is fine for me, here in Miami, FL. I even got some jackolyte from the game. Some crazy holiday treat they provided their players with. PSN servers are working fine for me with the new 2.0 upbate it just got.

  • silver

    PS network is a joke.


    Destiny isn’t down Im on it now.

  • GregJG

    I hope I have no issues when I get home from work today.

  • dabbindank206

    Keep trying seattle WA just got it working

  • Kristophski

    PS4 2.0 in Canada able to access the Destiny servers now!

  • Peter

    As a subscriber to PS+ I think they need to start offering money off or exclusive voucher codes for in game extras when these maintenance issues occur.

  • TheSquareRootOfThree

    I updated to 2.0 and the console would not load. It restarted and was stuck on the login screen…I had to unplug it and plug it back in to get it to work again lol…anyone else have this issue?

    • GregJG

      Thank goodness.

  • TheBodd

    I just logged on now. It took several failed attempts. In Belgium at the moment.

  • Mark

    The ps4 users need some kind of compensation

  • martin

    im on now guys keep trying it will let you on…but didnt have update to do….add me on psn martj86

  • Malcolm Walsh

    What the fu, I’m sick of this not able to login and sometimes in mission just drops. Work on it fast this is a joke. You’re info must have told you it would be a fast growing game so prepare for this. Come on its so annoying

    • martin

      very true the game is all online so you would think they would be ready for all this

  • martin

    stupid update messes up my game play come on get t fixed got my weekly and nightfall to do on 3 ppl on destiny times a ticking

  • Daniel Salisbury

    I got on after fourth try and had a update for destiny. Keep trying

  • Peri jensen

    Yay working after 100 times

  • Peri jensen

    Destiny servers suck

  • Peri jensen

    Tried to login 33 times still not working

  • JoellAlmighty

    Looks good now!!! I thanks guys… If you didn’t tell me to keep trying I would still be playing spelunky… :/

  • desticle

    they should fix the psn messages instead

  • Russ

    Keep trying. Worked for me on my 5th attempt. England

  • T1G3rCl@w

    I’m in , took about 11 attempts !

  • T1G3rCl@w

    Still can’t login

  • Eytherlae

    I still cant log on :((

  • The Black Hand

    Working for me, keep trying guys.

  • chris banks

    Just keep trying after about 10 tries it logged me in

  • GAV

    I deleted the update too but still not working

  • Ty121

    Uk Still Down! *Sigh*

  • matt

    I deleted up dates that were done today including other games and it’sworking now

  • JoellAlmighty

    Still down for me after deleting update… 🙁

    • JoellAlmighty

      In U.S.

  • Andrew Barry

    destiny down in ireland aswell…my cousin turned his ps4 off for 5 minutes then went back on and he is playing the past hour and a half but it wont work for me

  • Michael Hodgson

    My friends are playing, but I cant! !”destiny servers are not available”!!!! Cheers bungie!!! #######

  • andy

    destiny still down for me in poland

  • Bulbsy

    Delete update on downloads and it works

  • JC

    I was able to play immediately after the 2.0 update. No issues but all my friends are unable to join

  • fame

    germany is back @everbody else: try to delete the update and it works again

  • Nova

    Is anyone in the US able to get on with 2.0 updates?

    • JoellAlmighty

      Not me 🙁 tried deleting updates too, but still nothing.

  • Thames

    Back in Germany

    • fame

      berlin city is still down

    • destiny

      Switzerland up again,

  • Krigs

    Down in France (Version 2.0)

  • drjmz

    I haven’t updated ps4 and have been playing and am currently playing destiny without issues.

    • destinydown



    Australia!! Back in action just now after repeated attempts. Have another try.

  • Cristian

    Same in Portugal… :/ it been a few hours already

  • barney klingenberg

    Everything seems back online.
    I am back in destiny again with firmware 2.0

    • Indiana Kronyak

      What’s your location

      • barney klingenberg

        The netherlands

  • Linga

    Destiny down in Germany

  • AwfurFuxake

    Down in Scotland too

  • chris

    same in italy

  • John

    cant get in after update either – Australia

  • barney klingenberg

    Destiny and psn servers down.

    Same here netherlands,
    But psn got back online a minute ago.

  • David

    Psn down update problems driving me crazy

  • Ryan O’Shea

    Its down here in Canada

  • destinydown

    Switzerland destiny (got it in the mail minutes ago) servers not available. I updated ps4 and psn store is up and running.

    • Fame

      server down in germany as well i´m going mad….

  • Uncle Jack

    Destiny down in Australia. Oh well i should sleep anyway.

    • Uncle Jack’s Nephew

      Its only 9:30 mate. You must be an early riser

      • Uncle Jack

        My 2 month old makes sure of that!

  • Ionlion

    Can we get a shout out from Bungie as to what is going on?

    • Johnny

      no doubt lol

  • Daniel evans

    Well i cant get on psn so maybe sony doing something there?. To come and blame it on firmware 2.0 is a little harsh as i cant see how it could mess with destiny servers. I think its just psn thats down at the minute.

    • Daniel evans

      Also to note im in uk, psn is definitely down right now xD

      • .

        Psn is not down right now.

  • down in Japan too

  • Gbolu

    Canada…Can’t get into PSN and Destiny….

  • Davie carroll

    Down in Scotland

  • Johnny

    par for bungies course down in usa

  • Dane Alexander

    I cant get in and I’m from New Zealand.