Black Ops 3 Zombies maps idea for Treyarch

By Alan Ng - Oct 28, 2014

Sledgehammer Games may be preparing to unleash COD Advanced Warfare next week, but we can still see that the popularity for Black Ops 3 Zombies maps from Treyarch is at an all time high.

We will have to wait until late 2015 to see the game at the earliest, but that hasn’t stopped some fans from dreaming up early Black Ops 3 zombie map ideas for Treyarch to take note.

Treyarch knows they have hit a gold mine with this expansion to World at War and now they can do whatever they like with the series knowing that gamers will throw their money at the screen as long as it contains zombies or something similar.

This week, we can bring you an excellent video which takes a look at the top five features wish list, to be implemented into zombies next year.

This video comes from YouTuber TheSmithPlays and within two weeks it has already had almost 100,000 views. Zombie fanatics are clearly still missing the game mode, especially now that we are on the eve of the next annual COD release.


Some of the best ideas that we have seen include an 8-man Survival Playlist. Those of you who have played Black Ops 2 should know that there was a glitch allowing for 8 players to play Survival at once.

While Treyarch may not have been keen, it actually turned out to be a great mode and there are big calls from the community for Treyarch to add this in as an official feature.

Another great idea is the thought of Treyarch designing a special Black Ops 3 map for wonder weapons. We all love using those guns when they are available, but more often than not you’ll find yourself fighting against other players for them and it would be amazing if each player could obtain one at the same time.

With Black Ops 3 being the first Treyarch Call of Duty on new hardware, it wouldn’t be too difficult for the developer to introduce a massive map with wonder weapons all over the place – just for fun when you want to pass some time with friends.

Those are just two ideas that we have seen in the clip below, watch the whole thing for the full list. If you are missing zombies right now, let us know any Black Ops 3 ideas that you have for Treyarch to put in the game.

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  • zombiewave

    zombie map builder, with easy editing like minecraft

  • ZombiesMajor

    And they cant stop with the future because that basically will be our future and that is what black ops is starting from the past into the future so if you don’t like the idea don’t get the game and don’t post your stupid comments. Think before you post.

  • DC Comica

    Bring back Ascension but make it so you can play the easter egg song every 10 rounds and be able to explore more of the map by unlocking new passages and more perk bottles.
    Some Nazi zombies in a snow map would be cool.
    Zombie map with a portal to hell with demon zombies and pitch black bonus rounds where it can get intense(kind of like a Silent Hill kind a thing).
    Clown Zombies at a carnival would b cool too.
    Customized players

  • Deijha Te Hira

    I know a great idea for a zombies… You know how they have the time thing on buried maybe they can make one where time is a main factor of survival where in order to get pass certain passages you must time lapse by using given time device what it does is repair the environment to original state by turning back time also zombies turn to normal humans and life is normal for a time as you part the passage it changes back to original time and they are zombies again… It could start at a train station where you and your friends are on your way to catch train but world takes a turn for the worse… Just an idea but I thought it be a great idea being a zombie fanatic lolz peace and love x Deijha aka (x BaybiiGurl x)

    • Iamdassa_

      Sounds Awesome! 🙂

      • Deijha Te Hira

        Ngaw thanks lolz

  • Iamdassa_

    – 4 or more players in survival mode! This doesn’t mean Grief!
    – Maybe a zombie campaign which we were expecting in black ops 2!
    – Bring back the Thunder gun!
    – Scarier Bosses like Brutus and the Panzer Soldat in Mob of the dead and Origins.
    – Bring back the teleporter or some sort of safe transportation.
    – Able to share zombie points with friends.
    – Able to swap guns with friends.
    – At least 5 perks.
    – Weapons like the staffs in Origins.
    – At least four zombie maps already installed before the release of the DLC map packs

    Thank you 🙂

  • Tim W. Wilson

    I have advanced warfare and it is fun, but it has stayed too far from the original. I will not buy another futuristic COD. I also feel that the maps were best mw2 and prior, since then they have been downhill. In fact I just ordered a new 360 so I can play zombies again with friends and I also heard you can still get games playing MW2 AND 3. I codmw1 was still payable I would even play that over advanced warfare.

  • Gaurav

    Anyone else think the player customization interferes with multiplayer? I liked when one teams players looked a certain way and the other teams players looked another. It was just easier to play i think.

  • Zombieslayer85

    I love zombies, and hate multiplayer. I love playing zombies cell block grief and hope they add grief to the 2015 game.

  • Back To The Past

    Don’t care for zombies, however I am very much looking forward to going back to a real CoD. I just hope they do not follow AW with all this futuristic stuff. Laser, superjumping and invisibility cloaks just don’t belong in a CoD game. In fact, I would like to see a return to a WWII setting. And that way, they could bring back nazi zombies, which is what started it all for the zombies fans. I am super sad that I do not have a CoD to play this year – AW will be the first CoD I am not picking up since CoD 4. And looking at the pedestrian pre-orders AW has had, it seems that I am not alone.

    • John

      I totally agree with you in the fact that Activision and Treyarch need to stay away from the futuristic stuff. With the downfall and huge disappointment of COD ghosts and the the futuristic AW, I am not getting a COD game this year since I first started playing COD 6-7 years ago.

    • ZombiesMajor

      They clearly said they wont follow AW, they wont have lasers as far as I know and the superjumping is not combat able only to get you to higher places, they wont have exos and they will not have exo abilities such as cloak so I for one am getting it because I for one watched the trailer in depth so get it and I guarantee you’ll enjoy every last featue Zombies and multiplayer AND campaign has to offer.