Xbox One US price cut smart, not desperate

By Alan Ng - Oct 27, 2014

Microsoft has just announced some massive news for in the gaming world and a total shock for some just checking up on the latest gaming news. Another Xbox One price cut in US is confirmed for Holiday 2014, bringing the price of the console down to $349.

Let’s just put that into perspective for the minute. The Xbox One at $349 is now cheaper than the PS4 after originally shipping at a premium $499 on the market – who saw that come after one year on sale?

The important thing that you need to know is that it isn’t a permanent offer. It’s a Holiday special which will start on November 2 and run through until January 3 2015.


If you have been wanting to get an Xbox One for months but have yet to do so, now is your perfect opportunity. Just in case you need us to be clear, the $349 price does not come with a Kinect camera but it does also apply to any new Xbox One bundle which will now be $50 cheaper as well.

The big question is, how will Sony respond to this? We saw a Tweet posted hours ago by industry source Pete Dodd who thinks that it still has an element of ‘desperation’ to it from Microsoft.

There’s no denying that this is great for those that can now upgrade to Xbox One from Xbox 360 and it’s a perfect time for a price drop given the busy Holiday Season.

We are already seeing others back up Pete Dodd though by saying that this is Microsoft’s direct response to falling behind the sales wars against PS4 for consecutive months running.

What is your immediate reaction to the Xbox One price cut in US? Do you only see it as a smart move by Microsoft, without thinking of the negatives?

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  • Jonathan George Anaya

    With the Console being $350 with a game, WOW, just Wow.
    MS is gonna KILL the Nov and December NPD this year! MS had the best 2014 game library and now it’s priced low enough for the casuals to jump aboard

  • Nam Pham

    It’s smart, but definitely a desperate measure. If Xbox180 was in Sony’s position, they would just be enjoying the record sales and let their competitors bend over backwards to get a bigger piece of the pie. But holiday shoppers only see what money they can save on gifts so this price is likely aimed at parents. I can see Sony countering by copying Xbox’s promotion of a free game with any console/bundle purchase closer to the holidays.

  • Matt

    I’d still pay extra to have the PS4… and no I’m not a fanboy, I had 360 and just decided to go with the better spec console this time around.

    • Jonathan George Anaya

      The X1 has two things going for it:
      1. MS delivering Monthly Software updates and
      2. Live

      PSN tends to go down for maintenance quite often and the lack of servers becomes apparent while playing COD matchmaking.
      So, I’ll give my money to the Company actually reinvesting my membership into the infrastructure.