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Sunset Overdrive midnight release at MS Store

The Sunset Overdrive midnight release will be celebrated at your local Microsoft Store tonight and in most places, the launch will include early gameplay from around 10PM local time.

Not only will you be one of the first people across the United States playing Sunset Overdrive, but there will be other entertainment, exclusive swag, food, and giveaways at many Microsoft retail stores.

On an official Facebook events page for Microsoft Store, it details the Sunset Overdrive launch event with raffle tickets included for an exclusive Xbox One Sunset Overdrive bundle. It’s not clear if all stores will be offering this prize for those going to the midnight release today.


If you are visiting a Microsoft Store tonight, then you will be able to take your copy of Sunset Overdrive just after midnight. There’s also exclusive Sunset Overdrive shirts for the first 50 people at launch events as well.

Will you be going to the Sunset Overdrive midnight release and if so, will it be a Microsoft Store? If you are still not sure, then take a look at this roundup of review scores.



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