PS4 2.0 update release time in US, UK

By Alan Ng - Oct 27, 2014

We are just hours away from the greatest update the PS4 has seen to date, if all goes to plan anyway. Sony has already confirmed that the PS4 2.0 update release time in US and UK will take place on Tuesday, but at what exact time?

Thanks to some recent previews, we now have a good idea of the bulk of new features that the PS4 2.0 firmware will introduce. SharePlay is obviously the highlight which most of you will know about, but there’s also some other excellent features that will arrive too.

These include YouTube support at last. YouTube will be coming both in the form of a native app and also YouTube Share functionality with the PS4 Share Button. There’s also the matter of PS4 Themes with 2.0 as well, as Sony are going to give users the option of customizing the PS4 menu icons and also changing the background color as well.


Once the PS4 2.0 update is live, there should be a choice of blue, yellow, dark grey, dark blue, lavender, red, teal and pink. There’s no information on the PS4 Theme prices for premium themes yet, but we expect Sony to deliver the goods during the Holiday season – The Witcher 3 PS4 theme anyone?

Last but certainly not least, music lovers are probably going to love the PS4 2.0 firmware update as Sony are bringing the USB Music Player to the system. This will allow users to put music formats onto a USB, plug it into the PS4 and then play tracks in the background while you are playing games.

Unfortunately, Sony has not shared an exact time for when the PS4 2.0 update will go live. We’ve seen in the past, updates from Sony tend to go live through the early hours and not at a set time in the mould of say Rockstar, who love to release their updates in the morning UK time.

As a result, you may want to keep tabs on your PS4 console after the clock strikes midnight, as Sony could be springing a surprise with an immediate update to 2.0.

How excited are you about the update, has Sony missed any features which you are unhappy about?

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  • Dan

    I updated and now my PS4 will not connect to the internet checked the router its fine so whats going on

  • darren evans

    Complete fail by the writer. Fail by sony for delaying the update and for people overhyping the update. No youtube app? Just support? Can’t copy music to hdd or videos? What a joke since my phone can do those, sony phones can do those

    • This guy

      It does have a Youtube app now along with the Youtube sharing capabilities.

  • Rooster

    False advertising it said tuesday i stayed up all night for dissapointment

    • darren evans

      Don’t stay up all night just for an update then you sad sad person

  • Haku Jin

    around mid to 1 am its worth staying up for bros !! badass

  • lee

    The title says ,PS4 2.0 update release time in US, UK. Why on gods green earth did you use that if you have no info ? It’s misleading. . Maybe it should read. Ps4 firmwere update will take place on Tuesday, but at what exact time? I have no clue but please click anyway.

    • dave Love

      its click bait.. only idiots like the person that wrote this article use it.

  • IIArzyHDII

    any update what time the update will be relesed in the UK

    • darren evans

      The update on the update will be updated after the update delay

  • jim

    Will the update be at midnight

  • Gav

    Anyone know if online/offline feature is on the update?

  • Andre Silva

    Hey guys, when it will be released in Portugal?

  • Asian_Gamer

    I’m Asian .. what time will the update arrive to Asia

    • Dan Crawford

      Your midnight mate

      • Asian_Gamer

        thank you .. it worth to stay awake

        • dave Love

          it not likely to be release at midnight for you. that guy that told you doesn’t know and neither does anyone else.

      • dave Love

        you have no clue when it will be released.. just like the rest of us.

    • darren evans

      I dont care how asian you are you have to wait like the rest of us