PS Vita, TV 3.35 firmware update notes incoming

By Daniel Chubb - Oct 27, 2014

Along with the reminder of PS4 2.0 features earlier today, Sony also mentioned a PS Vita update to firmware 3.35. The release time isn’t currently known, although we do know it will arrive at some point tomorrow to add better support between devices.

This means both PS Vita and PS TV will update to version 3.35, which adds four-player Remote Play support to the latter device. There will also be support to watch PS4 game streams on PS TV and PS Vita, thanks to the Live from PlayStation app.

PS Vita/TV 3.35 update notes can be found on this official page once the new firmware is live.


When the full changelog is live, we will make sure it’s shared on Product Reviews along with the finer details. If you manage to see these before us, then feel free to share any details in the comments. Of course, we could also see firmware update problems on PS4, PS Vita, or PS TV, so again feel free to share any issues in the comments as well.

Do you have any issues you want fixed with the PS Vita and PS TV 3.35 update?

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  • Scott

    netfix for uk users, instgram app, and snapchat app.

  • CrashOverride

    Netflix and youtube should be priority on this little paperweight.

  • mrm


  • Michael Hart Livingstone-Machn

    Netflix for UK users on PS Vita please!

  • Harry Cee

    I want the lag issues for PS4 streaming fixed. It’s a shame that for 100 bucks this still is crippled out of the box.