PS Plus November 2014 update preview from insider

By Alan Ng - Oct 27, 2014

We can sense that we are just hours away from the PS Plus November 2014 update games reveal on PS4 and PS3. Sony are expected to announce which games are coming soon, but one insider has threatened to spill the beans ahead of schedule whilst remaining anonymous.

Most of you will be aware that Sony has yet to release any ‘AAA’ games on PS Plus, with AAA being the term that gamers are using to describe any games that are not indie-related or small in size.

We wrote about the likelihood of an AAA game appearing in the November PlayStation Plus update, purely down to the fact that it is the one year anniversary of the PS4 and PS Plus, so November would be the perfect time to do it – if any.


According to one insider though who has apparently already SEEN the contents of the November update, we are not getting any AAA games next month.

The user majik13 has taken to gaming forum Neogaf to go on record with that claim about no AAA games, while he has dished out further information in later comments.

These include that the second PS4 game (on top of Binding of Isaac which is confirmed), is already released on the PS4, so it isn’t a brand new game not out yet according to him.

It’s interesting if the information is true and obviously disappointing for some of you if you were expecting a massive game to land. Personally, we still don’t think we still see games like Knack and Assassin’s Creed offered until 2015 – DriveClub PS Plus Edition is already Sony’s answer to offering a ‘big’ game, despite the delay which they couldn’t have foreseen.

Assuming his information is true, let’s continue the PS Plus November update 2014 prediction game. List any games which you think the second PS4 game may be, which is ALREADY released on the platform as opposed to a new November release.

Can you think of any?

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  • Bruce McGhee

    Child of Light

    • Marc Guindon

      damn I wish man !! this game look awesome

  • Andrew Mtb McEwan

    Driveclub is not a AAA as it’s a glorified demo…

  • Admir Karalic

    I can think of one, It’s called ”Selling my PSCrap4 on Creg’sList”. Okay first of all, I’m from Canada, and I read why Sony raised the value of the PLAYSTATION4 in Canada from 399.99 $ to 449.99 $, because ”Sales have over grown their expectations and Sony had to adjust in the Gaming Market” what king of Bullcrap excuse is that ? Since they brought the PS4 to the market, they’re doing exactly what Microsoft was doing last generation, screwing everybody up with false promises and not giving the gamers what they deserve. Let’s face it, if everybody jump boats and went for the XBOX ONE instead, Sony’s Market Share WOULD DROP heavy and then they would realize what they did and THEN (again) would bring us exactly what we deserve… why is that every time we want something we have to play with the Companies revenue ? Why can’t it be simple !? I’m so done, I had a PS4, actually had 2 of them, sold the first one because of Financial problems, Sold the second one for NO CONTENT, and just so you know Drive Club CAANNNNNN’T BE CONSIDERED a AAA TITLE… in my honest opinion, a AAA title must be a game that was previously successful… was really considering buying a PS4, then a XBOX ONE, can’t really decide, on the PS4 are all my friends, even though, they will never buy the games I play and I barely ever played anything with them other than BF4 (which I still have as a Downloadable) or XBOX ONE, which I have no friends for, but hey, I will get Forza Horizon 2, Halo Master chief collection, Dead Rising 3… dahhh I don’t know what to do 🙁 if anybody can assist me !?

    • Steven Smith

      Yea don’t spend anymore of your parents money you ungrateful brat

      • Admir Karalic

        Hahaha I’m 23 brother, I spend my own hard earned money, not everybody got the chance to own everything, have everything, play everything and still be able to pay the Rent haha xD

        • gary

          You sound like a top nonce

        • Admir Karalic

          You mad bro ?

    • Luckeh

      If you get an xbox one add me ;p

    • jamie

      I know EXACTLY how you feel….