GTA V Zombies DLC release date, Tues vs Thurs

By Alan Ng - Oct 27, 2014

We are expecting the GTA V 1.18 update to arrive this week and more importantly for the community, a GTA V Halloween update. A GTA V Zombies DLC release date has been the subject of intense rumors recently and Rockstar could finally end the speculation this week with an update right on the eve of October 31 2014.

It is almost a foregone conclusion that Rockstar will give a Halloween update for GTA V, they always do each year with their games that are relevant – in this case it’s GTA V.

While the thought of a GTA V Undead Nightmare DLC may look slim at this point, we did see a zombie inside the latest GTA V trailer for PS4 so many players are expecting zombie content of some kind.


We also had some source code leak which suggested that a GTA V Zombie mode would be for single-player, rather than multiplayer. So with this in mind, perhaps the only question that we should be asking is whether the GTA V Halloween update release time is going to be on Tuesday as usual, or on Thursday.

For the first time since we can remember, Rockstar launched GTA V 1.17 on a Thursday, which broke their own protocol in the process since they always released updates on a Tuesday morning without fail.

Now, we are in a situation where the surprise element is back in Rockstar’s court and it’s even more exciting. GTA V is the perfect breeding ground to introduce zombies and you can only imagine what Rockstar have planned considering that we haven’t even seen a single ‘proper’ GTA V DLC expansion for single-player yet.

Are you expecting zombies to drop this week? Let us know which kind of gameplay mode and format you would like to see.

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  • Sid Rps

    You find that guy in the game now dressed as a Zombie, you must not of found/seen him yet.But I think that with all the UFO and Alien stuff going on in-game we will probably see Aliens, like in Saints Row and Modern warfare Ghosts this seems to be the trend now in games. Time for something different zombie add-ons are getting so old.


    Zombie survival and free roam zombie rooms on riot mode “Online” obviously, that is if Rockstar actualy wants people to really enjoy this game.

  • Kr4zyk33b

    I think they should make a zombie survival

  • Dusty Spears

    I think we’ll get heists for current gent sometime after the 1.18, and next gen release. No zombies, or anything good. I don’t see any updates coming this week, and I don’t see heists coming out ON next gen release. I think heists will either be layed off until PC release, or after PC. The reasoning for this is the fact that GTA Online in it’s early stages were so shakey. Rockstar will want to make sure heists work for all platforms before releasing them. So wait and see – we won’t see Heists until well into 2015. Anyway, the reason I went on a heist tangent is because I think that’ll be the biggest, and final hoorah for GTA Online Current Gen. Look at all the stuff coming to Next Gen exclusive. I don’t see anything as big as a zombie DLC coming to Current Gen. I think PS3 and XBOX 360 will see the typical monthly updates (clothes, a few cars, new missions), then we’ll get heists in 2015, and then no more Current Gen stuff. The GTA ball will be in the court of next gen players. I really hope I’m wrong – but so far Rockstar has done VERY LITTLE to make me think they care at all about Current Gen players.

    • Adolf Hitler

      They’ve been beta testing everything since Next gen was announced. I doubt they’re waiting to release heists, and just not releasing them. If heists produce 1+M a heist, the revenue they get from Shark Cards will be very low. And zombies DLC is not “too big.” Not even close.

      • mark henry

        you will get $50-100k per heist the problem is heists will be rare compared to ordinary jobs which u can just select and do maybe once a day or so

        • Adolf Hitler

          Even $50-100K is still enough to cause no one to ever buy Shark Cards again.

  • Gta v beast

    There is allready a zombie in the game, not just next gen, if playing in story mode switch to Trevor and on the main busy road directly below vine wood hills there is a street actor who is dressed as a zombie and acts like one, the picture of the zombie being shown is the same zombie that the street actor is playing.

  • Alby

    Zombie mode in single player with new Little story with Trevor,Michael and Franklin like undead nightmare in red dead redemption. New weapons and vehicles for this special horror DLC.

    • The Yesterday Men

      I think you forgot to put some (?) marks and (!) points or both (?!) in there.

  • Chief

    I would like Rockstar to somehow integrate a Zombie Survival mode within GTA Online