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Adobe Flash Player download problems

Adobe has just launched yet another new Flash Player update for Windows and Mac. The Adobe Flash Player download should be live for you right now, but we noticed one or two issues when trying to update.

Most of you should already have the latest version of Adobe Flash Player, as you’ll notice a pop-up on your YouTube videos that you need to update before watching.

The first time we tried to download though, we noticed that the Adobe Flash Player download was stuck on 97%. Fortunately, downloading the software a second time seemed to solve the problems as the installation went through without any issues – obviously make sure that your web browser is closed as always.


We also noticed however that the new version didn’t start playing Flash content straight away and we still could see the message about an old version of Flash stopping the content from working.

Only did a system reboot fix the problem, so make sure you reboot after installing if you encounter any of the same issues. This is different to previous versions of Flash Player, as usually the new version would start working straight away and never needed a system reboot.

Hopefully you won’t encounter any issues during your own install, but let us know how you get on. Have you discovered any other issues with Adobe Flash Player that we should know about?



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