PS4 2.0 firmware update date lacks maintenance

By Daniel Chubb - Oct 26, 2014

The PS4 2.0 firmware update release date is under 48 hours away and some of Product Reviews readers were wondering about planned PSN maintenance. In the past, we have seen Sony take down the PlayStation Network servers to deliver the larger updates, although we’re not expecting this to happen on October 28th.

Taking a quick look at the PSN status page reveals everything is online and working, but also no PSN maintenance is planned for the rest of October, 2014. If there was planned maintenance needed before Sony can deliver the major PS4 2.0 firmware update, then this would be listed by now.

PS4 2.0 update lacks maintenance

It’s likely that the preparation for PS4 2.0 was carried out within the last PSN maintenance scheduled, which took place earlier this month. While that outage was planned, there’s been others throwing up E-820001F7 error codes that were unscheduled.

If you do see the PSN servers go down on October 28th, then this would be unscheduled and likely due to unforeseen problems. Hopefully, this won’t happen and millions of PS4 owners get hands-on with the 2.0 update features without errors.

PS4 2.0 firmware Share Play features

Are you looking forward to downloading the PS4 2.0 update in 2 days? The release time isn’t known yet, although we will deliver some insight into the expected firmware release time tomorrow. You can take a closer look at Share Play thanks to an official video released recently.

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