GTA V Xbox One reaction if not 1080p

We are slowly moving towards the highly anticipated arrival of GTA V on PS4 and Xbox One platforms. We know that the game is looking beautiful from a graphics point of view, but others are now focusing on the inevitable GTA V Xbox One resolution Vs PS4 debate.

As most of you are well aware, Microsoft has had problems getting games launched with 1080p as a native resolution, often having to ask developers to upscale the game, or in some extreme cases – upscale it themselves as we saw with Diablo 3 on Xbox One.

It’s also no secret that Rockstar has only been showing off the PS4 version of GTA V in trailers, leading some to suggest that it may yet another massive launch that doesn’t release with 1080p native.


The PS4 version of GTA V on the other hand is reportedly heading for 1080p native with no problems. There are some reports that a confirmation has already been made by the Official PlayStation Magazine preview of GTA V on PS4 – but we’re yet to get that confirmation from Rockstar.

Put it this way, will you be upset if GTA V cannot run 1080p natively on Xbox One? It is not going to be an issue for most as Microsoft will still get the game upscaled to 1080p one way or another – but for the hardcore tech enthusiasts out there who demand this, it may be a different story.

GTA V is launching on next-gen consoles and PC on November 18 so we don’t have long to go until Rockstar starts to give out the crucial details.

As an Xbox One owner, give us your reaction below if GTA V isn’t 1080p native. Is it a problem or not?



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