GTA V Xbox One reaction if not 1080p

By Alan Ng - Oct 26, 2014

We are slowly moving towards the highly anticipated arrival of GTA V on PS4 and Xbox One platforms. We know that the game is looking beautiful from a graphics point of view, but others are now focusing on the inevitable GTA V Xbox One resolution Vs PS4 debate.

As most of you are well aware, Microsoft has had problems getting games launched with 1080p as a native resolution, often having to ask developers to upscale the game, or in some extreme cases – upscale it themselves as we saw with Diablo 3 on Xbox One.

It’s also no secret that Rockstar has only been showing off the PS4 version of GTA V in trailers, leading some to suggest that it may yet another massive launch that doesn’t release with 1080p native.


The PS4 version of GTA V on the other hand is reportedly heading for 1080p native with no problems. There are some reports that a confirmation has already been made by the Official PlayStation Magazine preview of GTA V on PS4 – but we’re yet to get that confirmation from Rockstar.

Put it this way, will you be upset if GTA V cannot run 1080p natively on Xbox One? It is not going to be an issue for most as Microsoft will still get the game upscaled to 1080p one way or another – but for the hardcore tech enthusiasts out there who demand this, it may be a different story.

GTA V is launching on next-gen consoles and PC on November 18 so we don’t have long to go until Rockstar starts to give out the crucial details.

As an Xbox One owner, give us your reaction below if GTA V isn’t 1080p native. Is it a problem or not?

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  • Iusemykinectasadoorstop

    I have a xone , I do notice a difference in quality. ps4 does smash the xb1, but seems to run smoother frames most of the time on xb1. 1080 is a big deal to me and I’m dissapointed in Microsoft for claiming xb1 is next gen. To me next gen should blow me away graphically. But it fallls short to me. But aslong as it can hold 30 fps I’m sure I’ll still end up buying it regardless of res even though deep down I wish I got a ps4 haha

  • fred

    reaction = Giggle

  • Gryzor

    Those who have XB1 will defend it, those who don’t will get it on PS4 and not even have to worry. At the end of the day, 900p vs 1080p isn’t a massive difference for most peoples viewing situations, but the fact is, if there is a difference it’s because of the XB1 hardware and devs (in)ability to utilise it. I’ll end up with both consoles eventually for their exclusives, but right now I’m more than happy with my PS4. It’s smaller, quieter, more powerful, and does what a games console should do best – play, and now SHARE games.

  • xbone is the worst console ever,it has the same graphics as the ps3 AHAHAHAH

  • Classified

    Honestly, I couldn’t care less tbh, 720p – 1080p, The game isn’t gonna change based upon a few extra pixels. I’m getting it on my Xbone. And i’ll enjoy every second of it.

  • Kenneth Haigh

    I doubt it will run at 1080p because we haven’t seen any game run at 1080p on the XB1, the highest I’ve seen is 900p. Is that all it can do? While PS4 and PC can do 1080p, the XB1 is slacking behind.

    • Rodolfo Candido

      Forza 5 was the first 1080p/60 fps of next gen, XB1.

      • If you play for fun,ps4 is the way to go.

        • Jesus

          Yeah, if the game is called ‘Waiting for AAA games to come out’

      • dichromaticb3c

        You mean current gen?

        • Rodolfo Candido

          Well, they was next gen hahaha… Its Next/Current gen 😀

        • dichromaticb3c

          Current gen is WiiU, PS4, XB1. Contrary to popular fanboy opinion console generation is determined by hardware release cycle….or did I comment on an old ass article? If that’s the case, my bad.

  • Elijah Isa

    It’s only 180 pixel difference between 900p & 1080p? Not much to put the xbox 1 down for all that it offers. The ps3 had the same problem last gen when their games mostly ran @ 720p, but that did not stop me from playing on my ps3. They both are awsome and will be thru out their respected life cycles. With all this fan boy stuff going on I can only imagine how hard xbox 2 & ps4 will be in the future?. Good luck to both. “Can’t wait 4 Gears Of War”.

  • Ianthehammer

    As an Xbox One owner I’m gutted that microsofts decisions over their vision as to what the next gen console should offer seems to have made the One a more challenging piece of kit to programe for but I do respect them for what they tried to do. It just seems to be a gen too early.
    I was a sony fan untill the original xbox came out & i truly believe that it changed the face of console gaming & sony still didnt step up with the online support for the ps3. Now the ps4 looks to be the easier tech to work with but one year on i still don’t regret my choice & would buy the one today over the ps4 despite the ongoing res issue.

  • Guest

    I held off on buying the last gen version because I had great faith it would be updated for this gen. I will be buying this game regardless of how many Pees it has on X1.

  • Pieter

    Ill definitely get it on my xbox one

  • Well honestly the only people boosting about sale’s are fan boys I don’t care because I played it on xbox 360 so why should I have a problem with the xbox one version.

  • Robert Lyons

    no it won’t be a problem. I’m buying it on the one anyway. I know it will look better than the 360 version and I’ll settle for 900p. I play games, not the resolution. See you guys in Los Santos. GT: robskyy89

    • ShoNuff

      you won’t be able to tell the difference from more than a few feet away anyways. Besides it will still look better on a good PC.

      • william

        This is so stupid they will be dame near identical so who gives a crap going to get it on XB1 can not wait.

        • ShoNuff

          I don’t disagree. I am sure xbox 1/ps4/pc will all looking somewhat similiar even with different aspect ratios. Any one of them will look good. Only Fanboys with their fanboy goggles on will see any difference.

        • william

          Fanboy goggles love that .

      • Matthew Bryant

        No offense, but if you can’t tell the difference between 900p and 1080p at the location where you sit to watch TV or play games then you need to sit closer to the TV or get a bigger TV. There’s no point in buying a 1080p TV if you can’t see the full 1080p. It’s just a waste of money at that point.

        • ShoNuff

          I am sorry you disagree, but, I watch these comparison videos all the time and I can rarely see a difference and they are zoomed in up close. And I am quite content with the 55 inch Samsung LED. Unless you’re offering to get me an inch, I will stay content.