Bungie servers for Destiny are down on Sunday

- Oct 26, 2014

The Bungie servers for Destiny are down today on Sunday, October 26th 2014. This is one of the favored days for gaming that’s revealed in weekly gaming patterns, and also thanks to reports we’ve received this morning. The Destiny servers went down within the last hour and are still down at the time of writing.

One early riser in the UK stated, “I wanted to start early on Sunday with Destiny, but after waking up I see the servers are not working”. Another contacted Bungie directly on Twitter, asking “Bungie, why are the servers down again? This is becoming a habit”.

Bungie servers for Destiny are down on Sunday

Another reason gamers like to play Destiny on the weekend is thanks to Xur, especially since he stays in this weeks location just for the next 24 hours and only on weekends. Did you want to head to the Destiny Xur location only to find Bungie’s servers down today?


The tweets below landed on Twitter within the last few minutes, which also confirm the current problems reported to Product Reviews directly. It is worth noting the server issues can be related to PSN, if you are playing on PS4 or PS3, although we looked at Sony’s status page and don’t see any problems at this time.

How are the Destiny servers for you right now? Are you having problems connecting like those above? We’ve reached out to Bungie for comment.

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  • Pumpkin

    On and off all day, down at the moment

  • joe

    I see how you’re baiting Google searches in that last paragraph for xur

  • Chez

    Well, not sure where their servers are but…here in WA (where Bungie is located) we did have a big rain storm that knocked out power in certain places so that could have helped with the issue…

  • Darren

    Pathetic. Spend more time being unable to play than I do actually playing. Waste of money. Wouldn’t recommend the game to anyone.

  • chemical_keen

    im in the uk juat out side london and it seems fine here

  • KappinKanuK

    I’m in Canada, my buddy and I both got kicked out of the game 4 hours ago.
    [Connecting to Destiny Servers] Banner at the bottom.
    We both got back on in about 2-3 minutes
    I haven’t had any issues since. (Fingers Crossed)
    Maybe the issue is only affecting across the pond?
    Hope you all get to login soon. Peace

  • Jess

    The Destiny servers are not available for me, I’m getting the error message seen above.

  • Dan

    I only just got in this morning, then got kicked out of Destiny. The servers must be playing up, location is London, UK.