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When clocks go back tonight check this iOS setting

You might be asking when do the clocks go back tonight, so you can change the time with your traditional house clocks and on cookers, timers, and other gadgets. One product that should change with daylight savings time would be your iPhone and iPad, although this hasn’t always been the case with problems in the past.

While previous versions of iOS have had issues, you shouldn’t expect the current iOS 8.1 time not to change correctly in 2014. In fact, the iOS clock should go back tonight, or around 2am tomorrow without any issues.


One setting that will cause problems – the screenshot above features a setting within iOS 8 that needs to be enabled to allow for daylight savings time. If you have your time automatically set, then the iPad and iPhone clocks will go back tonight without any issues.


If you have set a manual time for any reason, then your settings under “Date & Time” in “General” will look like the above screenshot. It’s worth checking these settings quickly before the clocks go back an hour tonight, and this will make sure any alarms will go off when planned on Sunday and Monday.

It’s much better having your iOS time set automatically for a lot of reasons, including the fact that you won’t need to turn back the time manually tomorrow.



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