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Spotify not working with 114 loading error

We all know how amazing Spotify is, when it comes to music discovery when trying to locate that song you have heard elsewhere. However, over the last few hours we’ve noticed that Spotify is not working properly, with some persistent loading issues and a 114 error code popping up.

We have been trying to connect to the app to listen to some good old Ed Sheeran, but at the time of writing it appears that Spotify is not letting us do this.

We are running into constant loading problems on Spotify, with the app even telling us that we are offline when clearly there isn’t a problem with our internet connection.


Doing some quick digging on social media suggests that others are having issues as well so it is not only us. It could be area dependant or it could just be down temporarily with Spotify working on the matter as we speak.

On Spotify’s Twitter page, there is no information to suggest that there is a widespread problem at the moment, while Spotify’s specific support page doesn’t mention anything either which is strange.

In reality though, Ed Sheeran is not available on Spotify for us and it’s a sad moment. Let us know if you have been having some issues with Spotify not loading properly and how long these issues have been going on for you – if any.



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