SingStar songs missing after PS3 Oct update

By Daniel Chubb - Oct 25, 2014

The problems with SingStar songs going missing continue into the weekend, which started after a recent PS3 update in October 2014. The day SingStar released on PS4, we also noticed an update downloaded by PS3 users that followed with missing songs in hundreds of collections and the issues were reported on Twitter.

SingStar HQ confirmed they were aware of the missing song problems yesterday, so we imagined this would receive a quick fix, especially after SingStar servers went down as well.

SingStar songs missing

It looks like our optimism didn’t turn out how some people hoped. We’ve heard from a number of our readers with missing songs still and some state half of their song collection has vanished.

SingStar songs missing after update

You can see one tweet below, which includes confirmation directly from the official SingStar Twitter channel. This is good to see, but the same confirmation arrived yesterday and reveals the missing music isn’t so easy to fix.

Have you lost any songs after installing a PS3, or even PS4 SingStar update? If so, are you using the disc version or SingStar app downloaded from the PSN Store? We’ll be sure to keep our readers updated on a fix to these issues, although leave a comment below in the meantime.

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  • Véronique Gagnon

    I start to panic. I have lost more than 370 songs at 1.50$ each … How are you going to fix the problem and when?
    I have no more access to my online profile neither. 🙁

  • Samuel

    We have a PS3 and we are in Canada. We lost all the songs…50 songs gone! Please be faster and find a solution ASAP because we have a party tomorrow and we won’t be able to play singstar…we are not happy

  • Jennifer Elise Bunnell

    I just started collecting songs on the PS3 SingStar digital app this month. On the day I had finally gotten ahold of compatible mikes to try and play the game, all 32 of my songs had completely vanished with no purchase record in the store! This is completely ridiculous…. I keep checking the app every time to see if there’s any change, only to get pissed off all over again (with that Outkast “Heya!” demo screeching in my face every damn time). If I call Sony to ask for a refund of what I gave SingStar this month, are they just going to give me the brush off??

  • Louise

    We have a PS3 and all of our purchased songs have disappeared. We spent over 250.00$ in purchased songs. We are not happy

  • Spartacus

    This is ridiculous…I just bought a new song on singstar online to see if it would and it does…Only problem is that my purchase history is now completely empty.

  • Spartacus

    I spent several hundred dollars on downloaded songs for the past several years! Most of these purchases are missing in my SingStore and don’t appear in my purchase history; I even checked to see if I can purchase a song I already bought and it gives me an error! This is an outrage! I have want my songs!!! There has to be some way we can get these songs back or we need to start a lawsuit!

    • b1gr3dm4n

      i had 600+ songs on ps3… only 170 on ps4… its bs

  • Tobbe

    Ive lost all my songs. Using the Singstar app on ps3.

  • Cindy Julia

    I’ve lost so many songs! That’s crazy! I’ve paid for it. If you can’t fix this issue give me my money back!!!!

  • Coolaid333

    I had the same yesterday. After trying to purchase new songs for over 15 euros yesterday there were only 2 new songs added to my library (instead of 10+) and my whole library with downloaded songs dissappeared.

  • Felstaff

    Had a SingStar party today. It was an attempt to patch up my shattered marriage, as singing is the only common thread my wife and I share. I was summarily accused of deleting my wife’s music. Have now been served with divorce papers.

    Thanks SingStar.

  • dcosta72

    Unbelievable. truly unbelievable. The epitome of incompetence.

  • Bianca

    Really angered by all my missing songs I have spent over £100 on downloads for singstar and all but 4 downloads have disappeared I hope they will sort this out or refund all monies spent as we have paid already and I’m not paying again

  • YakuzaGirl

    I have a singstar party today that i was planning for a week and i turn on my ps3 and find all my songs gone except for one!! This is really unacceptable! Please get this fixed today!

  • Daniela

    I had over 100 songs purchased, now there are only 43 left, They are also missing in my buying history list, so i can’t download them again. I was so dissapointed when i wanted to play it with
    some friends and some kids. I also use it now and then for my work, I work with autistic children, they chose most of these songs, that makes the loss of it even more worse……

  • shybunny29

    I’m upset too I wanted to play my songs, especially my new ones figures

  • XBox1Next

    Same here, just fired up the game to find that about 100 songs we purchased are gone. This is unacceptable.

  • CauseyXIII

    I spent anout $100 on this content and talked to “support” many times. They seriously tell me that Ineed to wwait for corporate to handle it. I’m incredibly flustered. I have so much missing. It’s ridiculous.

  • alabyz

    from 30 song to 9 !

  • John

    The same for me: I downloaded the application from PSN; I bought about 30 songs but now there are only 10 available.

  • SC

    Really upset, lost 100’s songs what a a waste of money if I don’t get them back!

  • Jo

    Have only 5 songs out of about 100.
    can repurchase them for free in singstore, but neither those nor newly purchased ones seem to actually be downloaded, so they don’t appear in the list. 🙁

  • Debbie Wilson

    Soo many songs have gone 🙁 It’s not really acceptable when you’ve spent well overr £100 on downloaded songs for half of them to disappear.

  • Aly

    Yep, we’ve got 12 songs there and should have over 200. We downloaded the app.