Daylight savings time 2014 bug unlikely on iOS 8.1

- Oct 25, 2014

We still see people worrying before the daylight savings time change in 2014, which is due to an iPhone bug seen a few years ago that also hit some iPad owners as well. Many of our Apple gadgets will be running iOS 8.1 during the fall daylight savings time change, so it’s highly unlikely that we’ll see any problems this year.

With that said, there has been issues since we originally heard many stories from iPhone and iPad owners back in 2010. When daylight saving time started in 2011 some of Product Reviews readers reported their iPhone, or iPad “alarm didn’t go off on time”.


This can happen if you haven’t made sure your device has automatic time selected, which then adjusts for daylight savings time at the start and end of the year. The iPhone daylight savings time bug hit again in 2012, which resulted in some people being late for work by an hour.

There were less issues last year, so considering that fact and iOS now being at version 8.1, we’re not expecting many problems in 2014. Those that see their iPad and iPhone alarm clocks going off late, might have a setting incorrectly marked and this will happen if you manually adjust your time.

If you find that your iPad or iPhone alarm didn’t go off in 2014, then leave a comment below along with the iOS version you’re running? The clocks should change for fall daylight saving time in the early UK hours of Sunday, October 26th.

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  • Georgie

    iOS 8.3 (Beta build)

  • Kathy

    My iPhone 6 plus alarm has been going off one hour early and then again at the correct time. Very annoying.

  • Matthias H.

    Since two days my alarm didn’t go off, I would have been late if had not woke up by myself.

    That happend even tough my settings were correct and the volum was maxed (not in vibration mode).

    When I test my alarms, I simply get the alarm window with one short vibration, like a reminder from the calendar, without any sound!

    I think this problem occured since I synced it to iTunes (newest version) which I didn’t do for a long time (months) and for the forst time on that computer (I had copied the whole library folder from my old one).

  • Kathleen

    Just manually set timezone to Blanc-Sablon (CA). Gave the correct time for eastern zone although Blanc Sablon is one hour ahead of American eastern time. had to do same thing w iPhone. Damn.

  • Kathleen

    Live in Mountain timezone. Traveled to Eastern timezone today and both iPhone and iPad are one hour behind. Never had this happen. Ideas?

  • Janelle

    Using iPhone 6 with iOS 8.1 and my alarm
    Keeps going off at 4:30a instead of 5:30a and all my settings are correct.

  • jknobler

    Using an iPhone 5 and updated to 8.1 last night. Two of my alarms that are set to go off every weekday at the same time did not go off this morning. I was late…

  • Ed

    My iphone 6 with 8.1 keeps changing back and forth. I tried to track but it is random.

  • Mike

    My iPhone 4S (running 8.1) changed just fine but my iPad 4 (also running 8.1) is stuck in the old time zone, ignoring DST changes.

  • HH

    mine did not work yesterday. Kept setting the time zone to GMT +4 and ignoring the time change. iPhone 6 on iOS 8.1. I turned off the “Set Automatically” and Time Zone switched to New York and time was correct. My husband’s iPhone 6+ didn’t have this issue. I turned “Set Automoatically” back on just now and it appears to be working now.

  • Get it together, Apple.

    I’m pretty sad about not getting that extra hour sleep. My boss is probably happy though!

  • jayd

    Set to the right time yesterday and this morning and then randomly changed back to an hour ahead.

  • Joy

    It was set to the right time yesterday but today it’s an hour late. Automatically isn’t working out well. Having to change it to manual for now

  • Fang Nefarious

    I’m running 8.1 and my time settings were set to automatic. I ended up having my phone go off an hour before it needed to

  • WildmanJack

    Can’t upgrade to 8.1 because I use unreal Book for my music and they advised not to do the update. How about correcting this problem folks.

  • mwdavis

    Ipad did not reset. Had to do manually.

  • Jill

    My daughters iPhone 5c running ios8 didn’t reset time even though it is set to automatically do it.

  • Natalie

    IPhone 5s running iOS 8.1 didn’t fall back an hour I have location services for time zone on and time is set to automatic

  • Harbud

    iPhone 4s running IOS8.1, did not fall back one hour

  • Guest

    iPhone 4s running IOS8.1, did not fall back one hour

  • Wolf

    Clock hasn’t changed and I’ve been resetting my iPad and everything. You would think you could manage something as simple as changing the clock for DST. Fix this now please

  • Meghan

    iPhone 5c with the new IOS8.1 and nothing has changed. I am a college student and rely on my phone for my alarm to get up in the morning

  • Sgrcubes

    Ipad here with ios8.1… Nothing Ive done has changed anything. Good job Apple.

  • Bernita ChocolateEva’Lovely

    2 iPads, 1 iPhone 5c and 1 6 running iOS 8 nothing changed and I’m really not happy. Husband works 2 jobs 7 days a week and could of used that extra hour of sleep. Again we are not happy apple!!!!!

  • Graham44

    I have two iphone 5s’s. One changed and one didn’t. The one that didn’t changed after I rebooted it. Strange.

  • Bobo

    Two iPhone 5 phones, one 5s and one 5c running 7.1 did not change, had to turn off “set automatically” twice before it registered the right time zone.

  • CarolH

    two iOS 8.1 iPhone 6’s in our household did not change, two iPads (8.0 and 8.1) did. The phones and one of the iPads had traveled internationally in the last week, and made the European time change just fine.

    • CarolH

      Restart fixed it on my iPhone. Now shows time zone as Chicago, not GMT + 5 hours.

  • NH

    iPhone 5s did not change. Woke up in the dark so I shut my phone off and turned it back on and it adjusted to the correct time.

  • Vicki

    IPhone 5 on iOS 8.1 didn’t switch back to EST yet. It’s 6:30 a.m. Phone says 7:30 a.m.

  • Jeremy

    I think there is another bug for the iPhone as for time change.

  • Jeremy

    my iPhone 6 shows I’m near New York however Chicago would be my time zone area. When I click off the automatic time it changes to the correct time zone.

  • Andrew

    Ios 8 did not turn back for my iPhone 6 or iPad air, even though location services were on.

  • Jill

    Currently sitting at work an hour early. I’ve checked all settings and rebooted my phone. It’s not changing. And I’m not happy.

  • asb

    My husband and I have iPhone 6 plus with IOS 8.1 and neither changed